Number 5 – Update “Everyone in Weapon” / Voting request

Weapon 3 is here now and it would have been great to have a fully functional AllinArma to use our favorite Weapon 2 toys in Weapon 3. Unfortunately it did not happen due to several reasons that will be explained in the next interview …

Are you happy with the version of Arma 3 and its current status?

I have to answer from different perspectives: as I had a good idea of ​​the development of Arma 3 and what happened in the background, the launching status is quite good, apart from some problems here and there.

As a player, I am quite disappointed by the lack of MP focus, no dedicated PvP game mode or public relations campaign to attract players from Project Reality, Red Orchestra or Battlefield, so the situation seems pretty daunting. I doubt that any subsequent publication work can change anything significantly more unfortunately.

As a modder it is also a great missed opportunity and a big damage not having compatibility with previous versions and A3 Rearmed ready for the release of Arma 3 – it could have been easily possible, if it had been part of the design and decision making process of Arma 3 from the beginning. With the problems during the development of Arma 3, it seems reasonable to me that they decided to focus on the main game and postpone that theme for later.Everything in Arma is working better and better, but there are still some important problems that are happening. Could you please explain some of them to the readers?

Read more: Formula One Ferrari F2004 by Col_Kurtz

Basically, there are four main limitations for the development of AiA:

1) BI does not allow the redistribution of A2 / OA files. In other words, it is not possible to edit / modify official files: I am limited to modifications for additional add-ons and some complicated solutions with fictitious add-ons and to guarantee a specific modload loading order.

2) Lack of documentation. While BI already provided some decent documents this time during the alpha phase, other issues are still being lost that make it difficult to configure units to make use of Arma 3’s new features, such as reflectors for vehicles.

3) Engine problems. Using the A2 / OA content inside the Arma 3 engine obviously will not work completely or will not work at all. For several problems, I found solutions, but some only BI programmers can solve it, such as the sounds of the engines that are missing in cars and tanks, or the broken simulation for tanks that are not PhysX (almost weightless). Here we can only express to BI that the community considers that these problems are important to solve them as soon as possible.

4) Some things require that the models be changed. So far this has not been possible. However, recently, Marek, CEO of BI, has announced that they plan to launch all source models for A2 / OA. This is great news! I hope that they also publish OA DLC and TKOH and their DLC source models, as well as that this happens as soon as possible. Even with the available ones, some new features of Arma 3 will receive support quickly and some problems will be solved, in general, it is a huge task that has to depend on so many community members to join the effort and it will require a great effort.

You can read more about these topics here:
Arma 3 News – Marek Spanel (CEO)
Forums BI: a solution for A2 BI content in A3 and your thoughtsDo you feel that BI has another policy about compatibility with Arma3 than before?

Apparently they do and they had a change of plans according to Marek’s words in the blog’s recent publication. You can still see if and how much focus they put on solving the problems of the engine in question.What is happening in the laboratory? Can we have some information about the next versions of AiA?

I am talking to BI to determine his position and plans to solve the engine problems. This and the wait in the launch of the source model are the main decisive factors if and how much I can progress with AiA

The best Radio Software you should know

You’re probably wondering “What’s the best radio broadcast software for my station?”, Which is a tough question when it’s new in this kind of thing. It is true that there is no shortage of online options, which is not necessarily bad, since you can choose the right one for you.


Schedule live events

Before you can do anything, you need to schedule a live event for when you want to broadcast.

How to schedule an event

To schedule a live event, go to the Agenda in your panel.

  • Click on the date and time on the calendar at the point where you want to schedule an event.
  • Adjust the start and end times.
  • Select a playlist (the playlist is used for backup purposes, it will be transmitted in case the DJ can not connect, or does not appear in its slot).
  • Select a live DJ.
  • If you want the program to repeat itself, select the days you want to repeat, then add it to the selected days every week for always on your calendar.
  • Verify that everything is correct and click Update.
  • Manage several DJ’s

Giving access to several DJs poses a problem: on the one hand, they can broadcast through your station, but on the other hand, delivering complete freedom can wreak havoc on any structured show you have if they overflow their time space.

For an in-depth view of the configuration of scheduled events, see the help guide Schedule a live broadcast.


Nicecast is the easiest way to stream live audio or music from your Mac.Enter the details of your server, choose an input source such as your microphone or iTunes and press Start transmission. Nicecast can hijack audio, you can use it with most media players and programs such as Skype so you can stream music or chat with the guests.

If you do not have an external mixer to manage the voice-over tracks, do not worry, Nicecast has an effects option so you can move professionally from music to live audio.

Initially free for 60 minutes, Nicecast is a paid software broadcaster so you need a license to use it.

Virtual DJ Pro

Virtual DJ Pro is an audio mixing software solution that DJs use instead of old-school vinyl mixing or CD covers.

Compatible with Windows and Mac, Virtual DJ Pro stands out in the mix of rhythms and media management, it also allows anyone to start mixing audio without the need to buy a lot of expensive equipment, basically it has everything you need to sound professional . .

SAM Broadcaster Pro

SAM Broadcaster Pro is one of the most advanced pieces of transmission software with media management, mixers, retransmissions and statistics.

Power and control are at the forefront of SAM Broadcaster Pro with multiple mixing consoles for audio synchronization and mix controls such as the FX voice feature to manage how it sounds when transmitting your voice online.

Outstanding features include the creation of playlists and high programmed rotations, scheduled shows, real-time listener information, and the ability to mix two shows for voice-overs and fades between input and output.

Although this streaming software is Windows only and has a commercial license, which means you have to pay to unlock the full version, it offers a free trial version so you can see if it’s right for you.

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Arma 3 wilderness Money service life mods! Cheap and fast

Premier Money Services


Life Mods

Asylum: $ 1.25 for 250K
Olympus: $ 1.25 for 1M
Other servers: $ 1 for 1M


100k for $ 0.75
500k for $ 3.50
1mil for $ 6.50

Unlimited for $ 10 (2 uses)
Unlimited for $ 15 (3 uses)
Unlimited for life for $ 30
You go first
there are no refunds due to prohibitions or accounts wipes
Prices may vary due to server economy
Prices may vary due to server modifications


Do you need Cash?

The Hompfdinga Trading Corporation now prides itself on offering a set of solutions for people who need immediate cash. If you are saving for a new vehicle, need to spend money or have just had a difficult time, then we are here for you.

These are the key points you need to know about this exciting news:

HMPF now offers loans of up to 15 million to reliable borrowers.
Interest rates can be found in the table below.
Contact [HMPF] Extreme to request a loan or call 555-HMPF-LOANS and a representative will help you.

Interest rates

£ 100,000 to £ 250,000: 15% daily interest rate on the total amount owed.
£ 251,000 to £ 500,000: 12% daily interest rate on the total amount owed.
£ 510,000 to £ 5,000,000: 9% daily interest rate on the total amount owed.
£ 5,100,000 to £ 10,000,000: 6% daily interest rate on the total amount owed.
More than £ 10,000,000: 3% daily interest rate on the total amount owed.
Last update: 05/23/2015.

You will have a fixed amount of time to pay off your loan that will be agreed upon together, however, you can always return it earlier to reduce interest.

Loan example:

£ 500,000 borrowed and reimbursed after 2 days. Total paid: £ 627,200.

NOTE: Other conditions that will be agreed upon individually, such as late refund rates, may apply.

NOTE: Larger loans may be available for selected individuals.

Norwegian Special Forces (FSK)

This addon contains Norwegian Special Forces (FSK) units in woodland camo for Arma2.

The units are retextured FR Units and the pack consists of a Team Leader, Marsksman, Grenadier, Machine Gunner and Medic.
You can find them under Blufor -> FSK -> Men
I have also added new generic names so that the units will have norwegian names.

I found it hard to decide how the units would look and what kind of weapons they should use, so I chose to make them very similar to the american soldiers.

Known Issues:
Sometimes the units hat gets transparent or something weird. Must be a model bug or something.


Have fun!

Formula One Ferrari F2004 by Col_Kurtz

F1 comes to arma2.

Formula One Ferrari F2004 addon – created by Col_Kurtz[GC].
Ferrari F2004 – Michael Schumacher

Flashpoint to Arma2 Conversion with permission.
it’s credit to the original Flashpoint add that the textures have converted so well.

I’m looking for someone to help make other versions of this F1 car, even just different colours would do for racing purporse, PM if you can help.

This is a beta release, you will find bugs the object of this release is to find as many as possible and get them fixed, I’ll probably release one more beta before relasing a signed version.

Beta V1.0 – 17/07/09


Normal/Spec maps on textures
Turbo boost ***>50 ***player controlled
max speed 195 in MP with turbo (tweaked for multiplay)
and 145 in Single player mode

at present the addon does not use the new arma2 shaders or materials.


Turbo script – by Lethal Modified by Gnat (further modified by southy)

Known issues:

needs shadow,
turbo isn’t perfect
driver view is slightly out, drivers hand isn’t in the right position.

It’s a fun addon, if you have to drive to war how about going in style? ***


Download beta v1.0 17/07/09 here:

Editor Dude

This is my first release for the Arma Series. All the props go to Matt R and Mr-Murry for this unique and useful addon. I just converted it to Arma2.

Editor Dude (formerly known as Mr. Editor Guy), is a useful tool for making editing movies in Arma2. You can “teleport”, run the game in “Slowmotion”
and even use Camera.sqs. All from the player action menu in-game.

When you use camera.sqs just use the bulldozer controls W,A,S,D to move the camera. Use Q and Z to move the camera up and down. On your keypad, use 8 and 2 to pan up and down. And finally use 4 and 6 to pan left and right.

Enjoy !

Fixed Range Nightvision

Fixed Range Nightvision v0.7

The default high dynamic range while using nightvision in the game is somewhat faulty.
Most of the time you can use it fine, but in some cases it becomes almost unusable.
A light source in view makes the entire screen black or draws a contrast that makes gameplay impossible.
This addon allows disabling the stock hdr engine in nightvision and allows manual adjustment of NVG exposure.

So as promised, this is essentially a port of my addon for arma1; (original thread here)
Note that while pre-v0.7 versions of the addon still work as-is on A2, it is recommended that you upgrade as it will have key-handler conflicts and might cause breakage

NOTE: Requires CBA!

S_NVG v0.7

You can configure the addon to your preferences at ‘<arma2 installation folder>dtaS_NVGS_NVG.hpp’

Differences to earlier A1 versions;
* It is now disabled by default – A2 HDR is greatly improved from A1, but still has some issues, so this addon needed to be made.
* Much cleaner code.
* Uses A2’s new displayEventHandlers, so key conflicts should be gone.
* Keys
* Put key assignments and the default setting in the file dtaS_NVGS_NVG.hpp, so those who don’t like the defaults can change it

Future plans and current issues;
* No known bugs at the moment.. only concerns listed below.
* Are there any multiplayer issues? I don’t play online much so i wouldn’t know.
* displayEventHandlers still won’t carry over a savegame, so to make it work i’m removing and re-adding them every second – is there a better way around this and are there any issues expected with this?
* I tried to launch the addon with Extended_PostInit_EventHandlers, as it should be ran only once and would save me from another global variable, but it didn’t work – perhaps i’m misunderstanding it’s functionality? (CBA bug – thanks spooner)

Radio chatter

Heya – So I really want to have radio chatter when I am walking through the woods etc – (It’s all about the illusion and the overall feeling isn’t it?)

Since I have a military clip page I have a lot of movies of radio chatter and I stripped some and also downloaded the end sequence from Generation kill put them all together and made them sound a little bit more like radio chatter – specificly the once from Generation kill sounded too “clean” .
A lot of radio chatter from Vietnam – that is actuall radio chatter – and not only the one you can hear on the obvious webpage: taichinhhana we all know.

I am no sound engineer by any means – so what I do is I leave this running in the background when I play ARMA2- its crude but it works.

Let me know if this is needed and wanted and I put a large file together – this one is 8 mb large wmv file not compressed to mp3 yet but I have a lot more chatter – so let me know.

Maybe somebody can work with me on this one to make it a real mod? where the chatter gets more distant when one specific character is farthe away?

Download here:
Check out if you are it releases Editorupgrade

Hello everybody!

For the optimal use of the Editor our team member Lester has been busy again. Now he offers the MAP_EU editorupgrade for ArmA 2. It makes most if not all hidden objects available for placing in the mission editor.

This Editorupgrade will be released in several steps and is allready designed for easy expansion. We will release some additional boosterpacks in the future.

Features: The actual object categorys of the Editorupgrade:

  • Rocks – Stones and Rocks


  • Roads – Bridges, Dam, Streets, Ways and Runways


  • Sidewalks – Sidewalks und Pathes


  • Houses – Civil Houses


  • Industry – Industrial Buildings and Equipment


  • Plants – Trees, bushes, flowers


  • Rails – everything about Trains and Tracks


  • Military – military Buildings, Tents, and Emplacements


  • Ruins – Corpses, Wrecks, Ruins and Rubbish


  • Walls – Walls, Fences, Gates and Streetsurroundings


  • Misc – Container, Materials, Playground, …


  • Signs – Signs, Streetlights, Poles and Billboards


  • Interieur – Furniture, Electroniks and Drinks


  • Water – Boats, Buojs,Seas


Read the whole news
Download page
Direct download

ARMA II Stringtable Editor

This tool is a “byproduct”. I made it for creating VME PLA MOD and Chinese Language Package of ArmA2. However, I’ll add more features on it, and finally it will become an agile tool for ArmA2 muilt-language file editing.

You can see some pictures about our ARMA Chinese Language Package in here:

Hope everyone enjoy it. 

Name: ARMA II Stringtable Editor
Author: Alex.XP
Latest Version:
Requirement: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Operating environment: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7

ARMA II Stringtable Editor can read and edit ArmA2 multi-language files(stringtable.xml). It also provide other advanced editing functions.

– to read, creat, save, and format stringtable.xml files
– to add, delete, search, exchange, or edit XML node attribute and multi-language stings.
– to compare the differences between stringtable.xml files.

Download from our VME PLA MOD for ARMA II Site

Updata record:

Version: Date: 2009.7.2 - Able to Read and save stringtable.xml - Able to edit English strings.

Fire For Effect: The God of War – smart & simple AI artillery

FFE 1.1 released.

FFE 1.1 (Armaholic)
FFE 1.1 (Dropbox)
FFE 1.1 (Zippyshare)


FFE is a counterpart of A2’s “Fire At Will” addon prepared for Arma 3 with only minor changes, mostly unavoidable due to completely new artillery handling. Its variation deals with artillery under Hetman script.

Unlike Arma 2, in Arma 3 scripts aren’t necessary to actually see AI artillery firing, still some scripting can improve arty AI and can be useful for people, who need such enhancement. That is the goal of FFE.

“Fire For Effect” provides fully autonomous AI artillery, that reacts on current situation by smart shelling enemy targets spotted by allied forces. “Smart” means reasonable target choosing, avoiding friendly fire or civilian casaulties and ability of predicting, where moving target will be at impact by analyzing its movement vector. FFE provides also simulation of targeting errors due to factors like human mistakes, weather and more.

Addon supports all generic Arma 3 artillery units. Custom artillery pieces, if compatibile with vanilla artillery computer, may be added via init variables.



To use the FFE addon version in your missions launch the game with FFE addon, place on map some artillery pieces, any units of same side acting as FOs, some OPFOR as targets and FFE module. That’s all.

To use FFE script version, instead of module, put content of “Script version” folder into mission folder and place following code line eg in the init field of any unit or activation field of trigger etc. or, best way, in the init.sqf:

nul = [] execVM "RYD_FFEFFE.sqf";

See included manual for more details, including optional customization via init config variables.



ETA issue

I’ll be grateful for any bug reports, best in form of well discussed repro mission.


Addon was created “by player for players”, source scripts you can freely modify, copy, “cannibalize”, to use in your projects. It is released under APL-SA license. I’ll be grateful for notification about each such usage.

Enjoy fireworks.



I am pleased to announce the release of some of the SMD_A3_Assets that I posted about here:…-SMD_A3_Assets

This project is very much still WIP, however these units and the vehicle are just basic textures/configs and are good to go.

Pliskin has put together a bunch of great units, and everyone’s favorite Magnum PI Hughes 500D.


Black Ops:

Digital Black Ops:

ATACS and Tiger Camo:

The “Magnum PI Hughes 500D”

Here are the DL Links:………

B-1B Lancer Supersonic Bomber [GIX]


The Rockwell (now part of Boeing) B-1 Lancer is a four-engine supersonic variable-sweep wing,
jet-powered strategic bomber used by the United States Air Force (USAF).
It was first envisioned in the 1960s as a supersonic bomber with Mach 2 speed, and sufficient range and payload to replace
the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. It was developed into the B-1B, primarily a low-level penetrator with long-range and Mach 1.25
speed capability at high altitude.

Crew: four (aircraft commander, copilot, offensive systems officer and defensive systems officer)
Payload: 125,000 lb (56,700 kg) ; internal and external ordnance combined

Maximum speed:
At altitude: Mach 1.25 (721 knots, 830 mph, 1,340 km/h at 50,000 ft/15,000 m altitude)
At low level: Mach 0.92 (700 mph (1,100 km/h) at 200–500 ft (61–152 m) altitude)
Range: 6,478 nmi (7,456 mi (11,999 km))
Combat radius: 2,993 nmi (3,445 mi (5,544 km))
Service ceiling: 60,000 ft (18,000 m)


This addon adds the B-1B Lancer Supersonic Bomber to your game.
It comes in 6 different base versions:
B-1B lancer (Mk82)
B-1B lancer (Mk84)
B-1B lancer (GBU-24 Paveway III)
B-1B lancer (SBD)
B-1B lancer (GBU-32)
B-1B lancer (JSOW)

And many different camouflaged versions of the Mk82 version.

Addon Dependencies:
>ACE and it’s dependencies

All of the weapons are GLT_MissileBox.

The Mk82 and Mk84 versions are unguided bombs.

The GBU-24 is laser guided.

the GBU-32, SDB and JSOW all use the GPS/INS System from GLT_MissileBox (EXPLANATION ON USAGE BELOW)

-Arm Weapons
-Mark GPS Position (If GPS guided)
-Tell gunner to drop bomb if you have a gunner or use Manual Fire to drop them manually

On the JSOW, GBU-32 and SDB Versions you will have to use the GPS/INS guidance system to get bombs on target precisely.

-Click GPS/INS System options under the Addaction (scrollwheel) menu
-Find the spot you want the bomb to hit on the map and click it once.
-Click the “Mark” button on the top left side of the UI
-Point towards target and tab lock
-Drop the weapon when you have your plane facing the general area of the target and haven’t gone past it yet.

You don’t have to dive bomb, after you tab-lock it, you can pull up to your preferred altitude,speed and dsitance and then drop it.


The wings sweep just like in real life, you can have it be 2 different ways:
Automatic control
Semi-automatic control

The automatic control lets the aircraft do all of the work, once it reaches a certain speed it will start to sweep the wings by itself and vice-versa

In the semi-automatic control version, it gives you the ability to manually sweep the wings whenever you want, even on the ground at 0 speed.

You have to bind User Action 16 (Opens the wings) and User Action 17 (Closes the wings).
You have to hold the appropriate buttons until you are happy with the wing sweep or until they reach full sweep (either negative or positive sweep)

-Some versions has bombs/missiles slightly clipping through bomb bay
-When getting out of aircraft you have to walk towards the back of the aircraft to actually go back to the ground
-Wing Sweep does not work for now. Currently fixing, will be fixed in next installment (100% sure for SP but not sure on MP)

-Original Author: Alphasim/Virtavia
-Adaptation/Conversion: Mukcep
-Editing/Improvements/Releaser: Giorox [AAG]

Asked Permission to Mukcep to release it as a single addon, here’s a transcript of my text and his answer:

GIOROX: Hey Mukcep. I am currently working on fixing a few bugs and editing out/in some stuff into the B-1B Lancer Model. Would i be allowed to release it as a standalone addon? And if so, which credits should i give? Most likely you for the convert and Alphasim for the original models correct?

EDIT: I found the credits on the readme.xls file. For the B-1B they state: Author as Alphasim/Virtavia, webiste as the virtavia website and your name as adaptation. All i need is you written permission to release it.

MUKCEP:to Giorox: I have no objection.


Mediafire Link

[AAG] – Amphibious Assault Group
Giorox [AAG]

Rain pattern camo pack

Rain pattern camo pack v1.0

I put together a little re-texture to add a bit of a Warsaw Pact/80’s feeling to the green side on request for some friends and thought I would share.

I plan to add some more variations to the pack once I’ve completed another project I’m busy with… so if you have a suggestion feel free to post it.

Added some new textures (TTsKO) and new Officer units. Note that currently all units are capable as medics, I may make a medic unit eventually.

Included files:

Units can be found under independent side => Faction: ROMEO MIKE


Uniform Arid Rain: U_ov_rmuniform_rain
Uniform Arid Rain Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_rain_ss
Uniform Arid Rain Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_rain_of

Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin: U_ov_rmuniform_frog
Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_frog_ss
Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_frog_of

Uniform TTsKO: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko
Uniform TTsKO Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko_ss
Uniform TTsKO Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko_of

Uniform TTsKO Green: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn
Uniform TTsKO Green Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn_ss
Uniform TTsKO Green Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn_of

Uniform Arid Rain Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_Rain
Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_Frog
Uniform TTsKO Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_TTSKO
Uniform TTsKO Green Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_TTSKOGRN


Arid pattern unit: RMIKE_Soldier_F
Arid pattern unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_F
Arid pattern unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_F

Bulgarian Frogskin unit: RMIKE_Soldier_Frog_F
Bulgarian Frogskin unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_Frog_F
Bulgarian Frogskin unit: RMIKE_Officer_Frog_F

TTsKO Unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_TTSKO_F
TTsKO Unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_TTSKO_F

TTsKO Green Unit: RMIKE_Soldier_TTSKOGRN_F
TTsKO Green Unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_TTSKOGRN_F
TTsKO Green Unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_TTSKOGRN_F

Thanks to Romeo Mike for suggestions and Armaholic (Foxhound) for the host

download at armaholic

Change log:
– Added Officer Unit
– Added TTsKO camo type x2
– Added medic ability
– Texture Cleanup
– Many class name changes. Beware!
– Initial Release

Dutch MARSOF Units

Changelog V1.9

Added : Marines (MTP),
Added : MTP RifleSquad (CFG_Groups),
Added : MTP combat fatiques,
Added : MTP vest,
Added : MTP Tshirt,
Added : MTP Booniehat,
Added : MTP Kitbags,
Added : MTP Carryalls,
Added : “Fictional” Agusta westland Lynx “2035” replacement (per request).

.pbo’s can be seperated/combined, are (standalone).

No addons required

All files are signed.

Package content :

MARSOF_FD.pbo : A-TACS AU/MT/FG units/Headgear/Vests/Backpacks/Weapons/Ammo boxes,
MARSOF_MD.pbo : M81/DCU units/Headgear/Vests/Backpacks/Weapons/Ammo boxes,
MARSOF_NL.pbo : Divers/Pilot/Loadmaster/VehicleCrew/Headgear/Vests/Backpacks/Weapons/Ammo boxes/Vehicles/Helicopters,
MARSOF_UIM.pbo : Unit Intervention Marines/Headgear/Vests/Backpacks/Weapons/Ammo boxes/Assault Boats.

V1.9 Total file size : 210 MB

Credits and thank u’s :

Bohemia Interactive Studio’s,
For Feedback Inspiration and the moral to go on with these units,
i would like to thank the members over @ TangoDown “Tactical Gaming Community”
Cargo hooks from the MH47 made by konyo.. thanks.
Balaclava’s used in MARSOF_UIM modification are property of the following individuals




Thanks for the balaclava Expanded Modification.…more-textures)
•Goggles used by the UIM operator’s made by Good69.…-%29v1-0-ALPHA
•Nomex Coveralls made by Cinco.

Download link :…sof%20V1.9.rar

XTacticalHud – A reason to use the TacticalGoggles




  • When TacticalGoggles and GPS is worn a small HUD item will become visible which shows the rough direction (N, NNE, NE, …) + the exact direction (0 – 359)
  • AirMissions – JTACs can use the “AirMission control device” to create missions for pilots. The JTAC(only with tactical goggles and mission is in viewDistance) and the pilot(only when pilot helmet is worn and mission is assigned) are able to see the missions on their 3D HUD

What is this?

X39s Tactical HUD gives the player a good reason to use the tactical goggles! When worn the tactical goggles are worn in combination with a GPS they will be linked together so that the current heading is displayed

How does it look?


I got ideas for additional HUD elements but where to post them?

You have reached the destination already pilot! Simply post them ^^

Im on the map but no HUD?

Make sure your player has one of the two tactical goggles:

  • G_Tactical_Black
  • G_Tactical_Clear

Im wearing the TacticalGoggles but still no HUD

Make sure you got a GPS in your active inventory

How to open the AirMissionControlUI

Make sure you got the “X39_TacticalHud_AirMissionControlDevice” in your active inventory and press the key setted inside of the userconfig (default: UserKey 3)

How to open the MFD for the pilots

press the key setted inside of the userconfig (default: UserKey 4)



  • XLib


  • XTacticalHud v1.1.0
  • XTacticalHud v1.0.0


1.1.0 * changed command to get heading from direction to eyeDirection * added airMissionSystem * enlarged the default HUD text * now also displaying grid coordinates * rscText elements are now centered * added userconfig file where you can set the keys for the airMission feature and enable/disable some hud elements 1.0.0 * RELEASE

Future Vision (green = will come/is worked on, yellow = could come at some time, red = not that likely to come, grey + striked = already implemented)

  1. # Grid location
  2. # Height over sea level
  3. # Current time
  4. # something that ‘marks’ the position of enemies
  5. # Waypoint/Task info
  6. # Facebook status
  7. # Distance to currentLookTarget when using the AlienHelmet of CSAT
  8. # every group have a symbol over the head indicating what kind of it is (Heli, tracked)
  9. # IN COMBINATION WITH 3: Using UAVs to get intel about enemy movements
  10. # Creating FireMissions for pilots which those can see if they are in an airVehicle (airVehicle should have CDU onboard but could also be in first versions that its not required and working in all airVehicles)

Tyco’s USMC Reskins

This is a simple reskin package I have made up for use over on the SimHQ server and I just thought I would share it over here. The pack includes reskins in both desert and woodland marpat as well as a reskin for the Marshall, which I have renamed the MPC-25 Havoc. I have included default loadouts balanced for a good mix of realism and gameplay. There are also some Tier 1 type units with pcu jackets that I have been working in included. Time permitting I will be updating this pack with new classes and units.



Required Addons
Roberhammer’s m4/m16 pack
R3F French Weapons pack

Same as always, unzip and use modfolder.
Read the excellent guide:…ll-mods-addons

None as far as I know

config/skins- Capttyco
Config assistance/ templates- Meatshield
Testing- near_blind_sniper

Im pretty flexible. If you want to use them for anything all I ask is that you run it by me first.



Ivory Aircraft – T-6A, Yak-42D, MiG-29K, F-15C, and GR-4

Ivory Aircraft
An aircraft mod made by aviation lovers, for aviation lovers.

T-6A Texan II
Version 1.1 – 3 April 2014

This work is licensed under the Arma Public License.
You are allowed to modify and distribute.

Yak-42D Clobber
Version 1.1 – 3 April 2014

This work is licensed under the Arma Public License.
You are allowed to modify and distribute.

MiG-29K Fulcrum-D
Version 1.1 – TBA – COMING VERY SOON

This work is licensed under the Arma Public License.
You are allowed to modify and distribute.

F-15C Eagle
Version 1.1 – TBA – COMING VERY SOON

This work is licensed under the Arma Public License.
You are allowed to modify and distribute.

GR-4 Tornado
Version 1.1 – TBA – COMING VERY SOON

This work is licensed under the Arma Public License.
You are allowed to modify and distribute.

Contact Me:
Steam: itzdezkit
Private Message:…newpm&u=107238
Skype: dezkit

IRIS Flight Simulation Software
F-15C / GR-4 / MiG-29K / T-6A Model and Sound

Sam Dim Design
Yak-42D Models and Sounds

Copyright Š 2014 NewZoneMedia, Inc. All rights reserved.

WR5 M14 pack

WR5 M14 pack current version: 1.0

– M14 Classic
– M14 Socom
– M14 with top rail
– M14 with fron RIS and bipod (prototype bipod which can be foldable by pressing fire selector key 😛 )
– M14 Desert
– M14 Woodland
– M14 Hello Kitty version(mandatory)
– Class list in readme file.

click me big image
click me
click me
click me
click me
click me
click me

click me

– Help with config.cfg, model.cfg by zGuba
– Great Desert and Woodland textures made by Sabre
– Model, textures, hand anims made by WinteR5


WR5 M14 pack by WinteR5 Š 2014

ArmA 3: Speed Radars!

I know everyone was just waiting for exactly this, and now it’s finally done for ArmA 3!

Get yourself busted by a Radar Trap!

My first mod so far adds 5 objects to ArmA 3: 5 different speed radar models.

See this trailer for initial information of the awesome:

Benefits of this wonderful speeding trap:

– 5 wonderful models
– Additional flashlight function (not automatically)
– Customizable callback (in which you can call the flashlight)
– aaaaaand it’s awesome


– Mirror #1 (, v1.2)
– Mirror #2 (, v1.2)


– Copy the contained mod folder “@SpeedRadar” into your ArmA 3 directory (usually C:UsersYournameDocumentsArma 3)
– Go to the game, to your extension settings and activate the mod
– Or you add the mod in your game start command (-mod=@SpeedRadar)
– Go to Editor
– Place the desired radar trap (they’re at “Empty > Structures”)
– Just enter the correct code into the initialization block and you’re ready to go


Before you can use the speed radar, please ensure you have the following information:

– Heading of the street (degrees)
– Maximum speed (please keep an eye on the signs, it ain’t much fun if you get busted for driving slower than allowed :P)

For the initialization-block, you can use the file speedradar.sqf. You must pass the following parameters:

– The radar object (this)
– The direction of the street (tolerance for the passing vehicle is +- 30°) => for mobile radars, use -1 (see Update v1.2)
– The maximum speed in km/h
– Your callback piece of code

In the callback you recieve three parameters:

– The player object that overspeeded (in case of a multiman-vehicle it’s the driver)
– The speed they went
– The maximum allowed speed

You may ensure that you allow some tolerance for the radar will measure exactly.

PHP Code:
nul = this,45,80,{ hint "busted!" } execVM "SpeedRadarspeedradar.sqf";

On this one, you already get a hint if you drive too fast.

You may use the flashlight function which plays a little sound and displays two flashing white lights. Just call PEG_fnc_SpeedRadarFlash:

PHP Code:
 execVM "SpeedRadarPEG_fnc_SpeedRadarFlash.sqf";

After someone gets busted, the radar has to “reload” for five seconds. Please acknowledge that you simply can’t be too fast

Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer

The worst issue about that is having the players to download the mod themselves. On this topic, you might want to vote up my feedback issue:

The speedradar performs his checks only on the serverside and only once. So ensure that only the local client of the overspeeder shows the flashlight (so don’t use it directly in the callback, for only the server would see it).

================================================== ===============================================


The new Update contains the following fixes and enhancements:

– Fixed error of missing textures (Sorry, my first addon so far ^^)
– Added a 5th radar trap (mobile!)
– Added red flashlight
– Opposite direction will now also be busted
– Minor bugfixes and enhancements

Red Flashlight

To set the color of the flashlight to red, just edit your call of PEG_fnc_SpeedRadarFlash:

Default flashlight:

PHP Code:
 execVM "SpeedRadarPEG_fnc_SpeedRadarFlash.sqf";

Red flashlight:

PHP Code:
"RED" execVM "SpeedRadarPEG_fnc_SpeedRadarFlash.sqf";

Alternative Syntax:

PHP Code:
"RED" execVM "SpeedRadarPEG_fnc_SpeedRadarFlash.sqf";

Mobile Radar Traps…/847669837.png (211 kB)

To be able to use a radar trap for mobile busting, ensure that you set the street heading parameter on speedradar.sqf to -1! This means the radar continously updates his direction and takes just the direction it looks at.



PHP Code:
nul = this,-1,80,{ hint "busted!" } execVM "SpeedRadarspeedradar.sqf";

Use it mobile:

PHP Code:
myRadar5 attachTo myQuad,0,-1.5,-0.35;

You now have a radar trap behind your quad which is continously active. You can drive on a road with it and if someone bypasses you he gets busted

Place the radar trap again:

PHP Code:
detach myRadar5;

Finally just one thing: HAVE FUN!

Please report any issues in this thread or via PM!

Regards, florianmuellerCH aka. PEGASUS

PS: I won’t do any more updates on it (except serious bugs) for I’m a real beginner in creating mods, addons and 3D models (you can see it if you take a closer look at the speed radars…). You might want to see the development files to use it by your own. You can edit and redistribute them as you want, but please add some credits

Gulf Of Aqaba Map

Gulf Of Aqaba v0.1

This project refers to a landscape east of the Sinai Peninsula.
It is a so-called quadrilateral region (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) with a real-Terrain on the Gulf of Aqaba with the cities of Aqaba (jord.)​​, Eilat, Eilot (isra.) and Taba (egyp.).

The Real-terrain is 20.48 x 20.48 km = ~ 420 km2.
A huge satellite image (pixels nearly 500 million) I used as a template where what belongs to roads, buildings, etc..
Thanks to ArcGIS and USGS (NASA Earth Data).

The map is still expandable. In the North Eastern mountain roads and camps can be expanded. This will happen in a later update.


In 2020 Egyptian and Palestinian radical Islamic terrorist organizations have toppled the Egyptian government and occupy large parts of Jordan and also operate in Israel. Israel and Jordan fight (as it was in 1970) side by side against terrorism.

The story leans heavily on the historical background from 1970, with the terrorist PLO and its offshoot, the Jordanian government ousted in part, threatened and terrorized. Without the flow of arms from the U.S. and the military support of Israel, Jordan probably would lost the war against the PLO and Syria.
source: Black September

1. RELEASE: 07.04. 2014

I take no responsibility for (im)possible damage to your game/system that may be caused by installation of this Addon.
This Addon is also prohibited to be used in any commercial product.

Geodata by ARCGIS, USGS NASA Earth Data, eSRI, Digital Globe GeoEye, Google Street View
Tutorials by Mondkalb, ZeroG, Bushlurker, Marksman
Textures by CG Textures, Texturecrate
MLOD Sample Models by BIS, Jörg F., Opteryx
Tips by Scruffy, NeoArmageddon, W0lle
Gametester: Marco, el Utz

Please unzip the 7-zip file and copy the unzipped folder “@mis_GulfOfAqaba_v0.1” in the ArmA 2 folder.
Tutorial: Installation von Addons

ArmA 2 CO (ArmA 2 und ArmA 2 OA)

DOWNLOAD now at ArmaHolic
(all buildings & plants addons including)

S@ndBob 07.04.2014…?threadid=5537

Sham’s US Armament Pack

Good Day!

After months of working on these, I am proud to present to you: Sham’s US Armament Pack! This is meant to add conventional weapons used by the US Military today to your game! These weapons are all made by yours truly and parts may come from other members of the community aswell with their permission ofcourse. This is my first real models so please go easy on me if they don’t live up to your standards! I tried my best and continue to do so as this mod is not complete yet. I’m releasing it just to see reactions. I will improve the models as you point out the problems with them if you are interested to do so and will also add features you’d like me to add to them as long as they are reasonable and up to my ability. This mod will overtime, replace my M16 pack that I have provided before.

– Different Forms of Grips
– High Quality sounds thanks to Ollie
– Visible brass on magazines
– Different little visual perks for each weapon
– Supports ASDG Joint Rails so you can attach any optical or side attachments you want!

With that said, at the moment, the mod only comes with an M16A4 with tape on stock and one without, an M4A1 Sopmod I and M4MWS but I plan on adding alot more to this mod. Don’t worry, there will also be GL variants. I plan on adding many other weapons to this mod and some of these are already under development and therefore, will be added. Some weapons will be readded to the game with my ideas added to them!

To Be Released


M16A2 M320
M16A4 M320
M4A1 and M4’s (with handguard and also M320 Variants)
G36C (simply because I like that weapon )



Screenshots (with Massi’s USMC Units)…6270F712AD084/ (192 kB)

Again this mod is at alpha stage so please go easy on me! lol If you’d like to download it, here is the link!

Download Link…M_Armament.rar

You will also need ASDG Joint Rail System to use this mod which allows you to use other side and optical attachments provided by the community with my weapons

-and whoever I may have forgotten!
Have a nice day!

All in Arma Standalone (AiA SA) – A1/A2/OA content in A3

= What is ‘All in Arma Standalone’ =

It allows you to use all the content of the other Arma games in Arma 3 – namely Arma 1, Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead.

From terrains to weapons, vehicles, missions and eventually infantry – all your beloved Arma content available inside Arma 3.
AiA SA serves as an unified base for mission designers as well as for multiplayer to allow everyone to easily join servers.
It also makes it possible to use community made content from previous Arma products in Arma 3 (except infantry).

= Promo videos =

Trailer by EvroMalarkey

Call for your vote by ChrzRw79

= Current state =

All A1/A2/OA infantry units use A3 models. The Community Upgrade Project and the AiA SA High Quality pack will provide replacements soon.
Tanks and cars are missing most engine sounds and tanks easily flip over. Only BI can sort these out.

Aside from those the rest works basically. There are still plenty of smaller to bigger problems.
All A2/OA worlds are using the Stratis lighting and sky configuration tweaked by Fabio_Chavez. Further tweaks to come.
Ambient animals (sea and land) are also in now based on the Stratis configuration – to be adjusted.

Basic A1 terrain support is available, as well as an A1 to A2/OA classes mapping – in other words A1 missions and campaigns should be somewhat playable.
A2/OA/DLC scenarios are present and are mostly well playable. The campaigns while present are mostly completely broken, so is Warfare.

Play withSIX support is coming soon. It may also contain the feature to use found Arma games as base for the setup (=> way less data to download).

Please report any issues you encounter in the AiA issue tracker.
Please read the notes how to report problems in the AiA wiki.

Note this is just the first version and you can expect many updates in the coming weeks ahead.

= Differences to old AiA version =

  • A1/A2/OA no longer required
  • However 18 GB torrent download instead (download time calculator)
  • OA DLCs are included
  • Simplifed the installtion and modline a huge deal – just one modfolder
  • A2/OA infantry models no longer supported (until BI fixes the compatibility issues)
  • TKOH is no longer supported for now – however will be back soon
  • Less rpt spam – goal is to get to zero
  • Ponds removed by default
  • Buildings and misc pbos from A1 and A2 merged by default

= Download and play =


  • Changed: Improve anti roll over system for tanks.
  • Changed: Improve linkedItems design.
  • Changed: Change crew classes of A1 vehicles to SoldierXB_A1 compatibility classes.
  • Fixed: Lighting in all terrains. The sun is back!
  • Fixed: Infantry weapon have almost no recoil.
  • Fixed: All infantry use the same face and speak English.
  • Fixed: Sniper rifles and machine guns also use the secondary weapon slot.
  • Fixed: Stratis cicada’s sound is heard on arma 2 maps.

Download: patch 1 (torrent, size 972.6 MB)

Read in the All in Arma wiki the Download & Install guide.

= How can you assist =

If you want to help with this project, you can do so in many ways:

  • Try it and play it
  • If you like it, tell your friends or reddit
  • Promote it with screenshots or videos
  • Join the Community Upgrade Project to help further improve it
  • Give feedback and report issues
  • Build a promotion website
  • Anything else you can think of being useful

Feel free to contact me by PM or mail, if you want to contribute.

If you want to donate:

= Updates =

Click the link to the view the full changelog.

= Interviews =

# Issue 1 – Pilot Issue by ChrzRw79
# Issue 5 – “All in Arma” Update / Call for vote by ChrzRw79

= License =

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
APL-SA: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike:


Architect’s Debugging Panel – For all of your Mission Creation needs!

Architect’s Debugging Panel V1.1

@file Version: 1.1
@file Name: Architect’s Debugging Panel V11
@file Author: THumbert…0/819/lbyo.jpg (110 kB) (280 kB)


The Architect’s Debugging Panel allows the user to:

  • Spectate any unit in the mission
  • Kill any unit in the mission
  • Teleport anywhere on the map
  • Enable Gode Mode
  • Open the Functions Viewer
  • Open the Config Viewer
  • Change View Distance Settings
  • Change Grass Quality Settings
  • Change Shadow Distance Settings
  • Spawn any weapon or item in Arma or your favorite Mod
  • Spawn any Vehicle in Arma or your favorite Mod
  • Spawn pretty much anything ie. Buildings, Signs, Lights
  • Displays all class of anything you spawn along with magazine class if applicable
  • ADP can watch up to 8 variables simultaneously
  • ADP has 3 Execute lines that can be executed locally, globally, or on the server

+Completely rewrote the spectate script.
+Added Player information during spectating
+Added an exit button “SPACE BAR” to ext spectating
+Adjusted the time to 3 minutes but now you can exit anytime by pushing spacebar
+Changed the Player list text to correspond with the player side
+Adjusted hpp files to allow easier access of using multiple addons that use CfgFunctions
+Added subclassed for Scrollbar
+Changed install intructions
+Other small improvements

Download Link:
Download Links


Place ADP Folder and ADPInit in your mission directory


PHP Code:
#include "ADPDialogdefines.hpp"
#include "ADPDialogADP.hpp"
class CfgFunctions
class ADP
class DialogControl
#include "ADPDialogfunctions.hpp"

if class CfgFunctions already exists in your description.ext then put

PHP Code:
    class ADP{class DialogControl{#include "ADPDialogfunctions.hpp"};};

in it. Like so:

PHP Code:
#include "ADPDialogdefines.hpp"
#include "ADPDialogADP.hpp"
class CfgFunctions
//Whatever your other mods are
class ADP
class DialogControl
#include "ADPDialogfunctions.hpp"



PHP Code:
 execVM "ADPInit.sqf";


Bug Reports:

Please let me know of any bugs @…d=c820be690b16

[WIP] Von Quest Industries – H.A.L.O. System

H.A.L.O. System
DemonDropper – v0.1 BETA

CURRENT STATUS: v0.1 Released
PROJECTED RELEASE: April 2014…psed55fe10.jpg…ps80f49131.jpg…psa903c772.jpg

Work-In-Progress. This will be my first official Addon for the ArmA community! The BETA Version will likely be released in April 2014. This HALO System will allow you to Jump from extreme altitudes over 30,000ft from a C130 Hercules Aircraft. There will be a few Altimeters included to start. The Altimeters will be reading Barometric Pressure. ASL, Above-Sea-Level. You will need to know the Altitude of the DropZone if conditions are bad, as in real-life. Tracking over 2km while in FreeFall is possible; more if under canopy for a HAHO. The jump location and altitude will be random. System should work for ANY Map! Use-at-your-own-risk. Not responsible for minds-blown!!

There will be a helmet-view complete with custom sounds and dramatic environmental effects! Your visor can (and will) fog-up, freeze over, can crack, etc. There will be thermal layers and accurate and varied temperatures displayed for most ArmA Maps and Climates. The temperature will also fluctuate with months, seasons, and time-of-day.

The Altimeters will be displayed by using your ‘Watch’ button while geared-up in your HALO Gear for any Keyboard or Gaming Controller. If you are NOT Geared-up properly, the JumpMaster will deny your Jump and you will have to recheck and repack your gear. The temperature at extreme altitude can reach -70*F with little to NO Oxygen! Thermal Outfit, Helmet, and Oxygen Supply IS required. ALL your Gear will be saved and packed into the Pack attached onto your front so you can Jump into the AO fully combat-ready! Water landings possible (and encouraged) for the Black-Ops operative you know you want to be!!!

Check back for updates and progress reports. More TBA later…
“Getting there is half the fun!”

JumpBuddy I:

  • Readouts in FT and M ASL
  • Compass Heading & Arrow
  • GPS Receiver
  • Weather Radio
  • SaO2 Readout
  • 24hr Digital Clock
  • Temperature Readout
  • Warning Lighting
  • Night Lighting
  • H.A.L.O. Black/Orange
  • Navy SEAL Black/Blue
  • Military Olive Drab

(The JumpBuddy II and III are also in the works, but will not likely be released until next Fall/Winter if I have time. They will be more on the fictitious-end of the spectrum.)

1. Currently this Addon will require the C130J Cargo Mod by theebu, but I will work on another version that is a completely vanilla drag-and-drop folder. Install is easy for the general public. Just Copy & Paste the Folder/Files. (Update: Releasing Mod-Version instead) Then place the C130 wherever you want on the ground, name it VQIHALO1, and you’re done! The System will then setup and build itself to work on any map/mission/game Stratis & Altis.
2. CBA Required – Community Based Addons

To design and build a desk/office that you will check into to see IF there are any C130 Flights to catch a ride on and request a flyover of a potential AO. The request will be either accepted or denied. You will have to fill-out some paperwork and request the route and altitude over the hostile territory. This will likely be in v2 if I have time.


  • BIS still has to fix the animations: Ground Landing – you get back up when you should stay prone.
  • BIS still has to fix the animations: Water Landing – the animation is AWFUL! You start to walk like you are on land. Ugh! Hopefully they can fix these soon…
  • Sound Glitch after the Chute is pulled. Echo/Reverb. Anyone know why? I really do not want to release the BETA Version until I can fix this.
  • Just need to finish getting it MP ready and polish up the cool effects. It’s about 98% ready as-of this writing.
  • Unclear how the Altimeter will display on other screen sizes. Any SafeZone tips? A tad fuzzy on this. This may be a Mod-breaker.
  • ONLY works good for Altis & Stratis. The mapSize doesn’t work well with Custom/A2 Maps. Will have to update/fix code for EACH Map that doesn’t work. (low priority)
  • Some MP bugs. (may or may not be related) Weird camShake sometimes, and once in a while the host player will be invisible in aircraft. Kooky.
  • Some features NOT INCLUDED in BETA release. There will only be the ONE COLOR to start. No Night-lighting, Compass arrow missing, etc.
  • Only human players for now. May add AI compatible later. (very low priority)
  • Can not get ‘Side-Chat’ thingy to work the way I want for spawned-in Jumpmaster and Crewmaster talking. (need player-viewed only) Any tips?
  • Loophole where Crewmaster (inside plane) will let you continue WITHOUT a parachute. (high priority – fixed soon) Get your chute from the Jumpmaster!
  • Wetsuit added soon. Since you jump with my custom Stingray rebreather (NATO approved), water-landings are still safe.
  • No Night Jump-Light-System. (high priority) Will add very soon. Just jump whenever you are ready.
  • No way of checking where the Jump plane is sitting (only in test example mission). Will add in next release. Name is VQIHALO2 if using a script to find/mark.

Several virtual soldiers were killed in the making of this Mod. For Sale: Used Parachute; never opened; small stain. Oh, and… Use-At-Your-Own-Risk! I’m not a professional programmer.

Check here at the First Post for official updates. I do not think your notifications will alert you if you are following through a subscription. You may have to check-back in from time to time. I will be adding and setting up an Armaholic account soon as well.


Randomly generated roadside IEDs


I am here to release a script I created that randomly generates IEDs. It is based off of the original work from Tankbuster and Mantls’s update on that.

Release v1.0 video –
Release v1.1 video –
Release v1.2 video –
Release v1.5 video –
Release v2.1 video –
Release v2.2 video –
v1.5 Tutorial video –
v2.3 Tutorial video –

IMAGES (556 kB)

Adding the script to your mission file is pretty simple, all you need to do is put the folder into your mission folder and add the following to your init.sqf

[] spawn {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "EPDIed_Init.sqf";};

And copy the following into your description.ext

class CfgFunctions { #include "EPDEPDcfgFunctions.hpp" };

If you want to change where or how many IEDs are spawned when the mission starts, modify the variable called iedInitialArray in Ied_Settings.sqf.

There are several ways to define where you want the IEDs placed.

//These are the actual IEDs that will spawn. Add them using one of the following formats. //mapLocations must have their type defined as one of "NameCityCapital","NameCity","NameVillage", "NameLocal" //["All", side] //["AllCities", side] //["AllVillages", side] //["AllLocals", side] //["mapLocation", side] //["mapLocation", amountToPlace, side]; //["mapLocation", iedsToPlace, fakesToPlace, side] //["mapLocation", amountToPlace, [fakeChance, smallIedChance, mediumIedChance, largeIedChance], side] //["predefinedLocation", side] //["predefinedLocation", amountToPlace, side]; //["predefinedLocation", iedsToPlace, fakesToPlace, side] //["predefinedLocation", amountToPlace, [fakeChance, smallIedChance, mediumIedChance, largeIedChance], side] /*********Marker size > 1**********************/ //["marker", amountToPlace, [fakeChance, smallIedChance, mediumIedChance, largeIedChance], side] //["marker", iedsToPlace, fakesToPlace, side] //["marker", amountToPlace, side] //["marker", side] /*********Marker size = 1**********************/ //["marker", side] //["marker", chanceToBeReal, side] //["marker", [fakeChance, smallIedChance, mediumIedChance, largeIedChance] , side] //The side can be a single side, or an array of sides //Ex. "West" or ["West,"East"] //

The way it works is that it will use the markerName as the center and find all the roads within the radius of the marker (make sure you set it!), then it will randomly place real and fake IEDs somewhere within it.
There are several predefined locations for Altis in EPDIed_Settings.sqf that you can use if you don’t feel like making your own markers. As of version 1.3, you can also use the names of locations in the game. If you want to share your predefined locations for other maps for others to use, feel free to, and I will post them here on the front post.
Here is a map of where each AltisRandom corresponds to.
If you do not specify how many to place, it will calculate an amount based on the size of the marker you gave it. If the marker has a size of 1, it will place exactly 1 IED in that exact spot, allowing you to pick where the IED is at, rather than a random road near the marker. There is an example of each type in EPDIed_Settings.sqf.

There are currently 4 types of IEDs

  • Secondary IED – Designed to kill first responders after the other IEDs goes off.
  • Infantry IED – Will kill the person who sets it off and injure most other squad members near him
  • Light Armor IED – Will destroy hunter type vehicles and usually disable marshall type vehicles.
  • Heavy Armor IED – Will destroy all vehicles and cause lots of mayhem

The type of IED also determines what size the object it is hiding in is. Heavy Armor IEDs will be hidden in things like trash piles and wrecked vehicles. Infantry IEDs will be hidden in things like buckets and tires.

IEDs are set off based on speed and proximity. If your horizontal velocity squared is higher than 2.8, and you are within 11 meters of it, you will set it off.
The IEDs can be disarmed if you have the appropriate items and are within 3 meters. If you fail while trying to disarm an IED, you will set it off.

Settings that can be changes as of version 2.0

  • EPD_IED_debug – If this is set to true, it will create map markers indicating where the IEDs and fakes are. It will create a message showing if a player is near an IED and give their distance and speed (see picture 2). It will also create a message if there are secondaries incoming. These will only show up to the person who is the server. This is mostly useful for testing while developing a map.
  • hideIedSectionMarkers – Set this to true if you want it to hide the marker you used to position the IED circle.
  • hideSafeZoneMarkers – Set this to true if you want it to hide the marker you used to position safezones.
  • itemsRequiredToDisarm – A player must have all of these items in order to have a disarm option.
  • betterDisarmers – Players of these classes have an increased chance of disarming IEDs
  • baseDisarmChance – Default chance of successfully disarming an IED
  • bonusDisarmChance – Players who are in the betterDisarmers array will have this amount added to their baseDisarmChance
  • secondaryChance – Chance that secondary explosions will spawn
  • smallChance – Chance that an IED will be small sized
  • mediumChance – Chance that an IED will be medium sized
  • largeChance – Chance that an IED will be large sized
  • iedSecondaryItems – Items secondary IEDs will hide in
  • iedSmallItems – Items Infantry IEDs will hide in
  • iedMediumItems – Items Light Armor IEDs will hide in
  • iedLargeItems – Items Heavy Armor IEDs will hide in
  • predefinedLocations – If you want to use the same locations over lots of missions without having to create markers over and over, define them here using the following format [“Name”,[LocationX,LocationY,LocationZ],size]. Most of Altis has been provided as an example.
  • allowExplosiveToTriggerIEDs – If this is set to true explosions can set off the IEDs.
  • iedInitialArray – This is where you actually pick where the IEDs are spawned and how many when the mission starts. See the code above for the format
  • iedSafeZones – Place the mapLocations, predefinedLocations, and markerNames of places you don’t want any random IEDs spawning

Explosives Requirements

  • Planted explosives and Bombs have a 100% chance of setting off IEDs if they are within 6 meters
  • Hand grenades have a 35% chance of setting off IEDs if they are within 6 meters
  • Rockets, Missiles, Shells, and Submunitions have a 100% chance of setting off IEDS if they are a direct hit
  • Launched grenades have a 50% chance of setting off IEDs if they are a direct hit
  • Explosive bullets have a 40% chance of setting off IEDs if they are a direct hit

Creating IEDs after the mission has started
Version 2.0 introduced the ability to create IEDs in the middle of a mission. Create an array similar to how you did for the iedInitialArray then call the CREATE_IED_SECTION function. For example,

[["OreoKastro", "West"]] call CREATE_IED_SECTION;

This will return a randomly generated string of the new section created, hold onto this if you plan on doing any other functions with this section.


["sectionName", ["OreoKastro", "West"]] call CREATE_IED_SECTION;

This will return the sectionName string you passed in, hold onto this if you plan on doing any other functions with this section.

Checking the status of a section of IEDs
If you want to know how many IEDS have been blown up or disarmed in a section, use the GET_IED_SECTION_INFORMATION function.

"sectionName" call GET_IED_SECTION_INFORMATION; //Returns [#iedsExploded, #iedsDisarmed]

If you want to know how many IEDs remain in a section, use the GET_REMAINING_IED_COUNT function.

"sectionName" call GET_REMAINING_IED_COUNT;

Removing sections of IEDs
If you want to remove a section of IEDs, use the REMOVE_IED_SECTION function.

"sectionName" call REMOVE_IED_SECTION;

Getting the last IED explosion location
If you would like to set up ambushes and the like, you can check the value of lastIedExplosion to get the location of the last IED to go off. Then have your units react appropriately.

Change Log:
Version 2.3

  • Triggers are now created and deleted as they are needed to reduce the strain on the server. Only IEDs with a soldier or vehicle within 250 meters of them will have a trigger actively checking for victims.
  • Fixed the “bucket bug”. This should remove the lag the explosions were creating on servers with more than a few players. Special thanks to serjames
  • Smoke plumes now travel much faster.
  • Reduced the number of plumes for each IED.
    1. Small IED: 0-7
    2. Medium IED: 5-19
    3. Large IED: 15-34
  • Rocks are now flung a little bit farther so you can see them outside of the smoke.
  • Other small particle tweaks.
  • Fixed shrapnel logic so it produces different amounts based on the size of the IED. (The code was in the wrong order in the last release, causing it to produce the same amount for every IED)


Known Issues:

  • Sometimes the IEDs will spawn behind a wall.
  • Deactivating a charge near an IED will set off the IED.

Download Here v2.3
Armaholic Mirror
Older versions

1st BBR EZ Markers (beta)

1st BBR EZ Markers Version 0.5 (Beta)

EZ Markers is a mod that generates map markers and optional ‘signs’. The intent is to provide easier access to map markers as well as utilizing a large number of markers generated to
MIL-STD 2525C standards (not all of them, just the relevant symbols that would be typical in ARMA). The mod is currently functional, however much of the symbology has not been implemented yet. Some of the interface needs tweaking for easier use. I can use any feedback on how to improve the functionality. The mod is mostly self explaintory, but check the video for a quick demo.
  • Keys are provided, but I have not checked their validity, please let me know if the signing is incorrect.
  • The mod is Client/Server, the Server executes the creation of markers and send commands for the clients to create signs. Most of the execution is client based.
  • Network traffic is minimal (unless dozens are creating markers and signs all at the same time).
  • I need opinions on whether limits should be placed on players (sign creation could get out of hand).


Another import from ArmA 2, the OPFOR UAZs. This addon uses mostly default textures and can be found under OPFOR – CSAT – UAZ faction.

– Default and some custom ArmA 3 weapons
– Default ArmA 3 Units (crew)
– Default ArmA 3 sounds
– PhysX applied


UAZ – Unarmed



All credits for this release belong to BIS as is the respective owner of 3d and main texture files.

This addon has no other mod (or addon) dependency and it is properly signed. Also a server key is included.

Primary Download Link :

Armaholic Link :


ArmA 3 Map Pack

Actual version: 1.4

As the Arma community could already see, I’ve been working for some time on a mod which aims to port Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead maps to Arma 3. So I contacted the developers in order to receive their permission. While I was working, I received many private messages in which you were asking me to release the mod ASAP. I decided to perform some close beta tests whose results are satisfying. Therefore, the next step will be the public test release, I want to stress that it’s still the TEST phase and some problems may still appear. I made sure that there are no bugs or crashes during launching or playing the game.

Donation info

You can donate here -> Donations are non-refundable, all the money will be used to maintain the server hosting the files A3mp.


Update is dedicated to KarelMoricky, Dslyecxi andKju for great support and big help

Changelog v1.4:
– Added new map Bukovina
– Added new map Bystrica
– Added full support for A3MP-AP mod –…dditional-Pack { No more popup errors on supported by A3MP-AP maps }
– Added support for Zeus { Read new CBA changelog, to avoid misunderstanding }
– Single Player Save support added { Thx DrCataclysm for help }
– Fixed problem with few “holes in maps”
– New server keys
– Fixed compatibility problem with Arma Samples Mod { Only for testers atm }

Changelog v1.3a:
– Keys problem fix
– License edit ( Thanks for feedback )
– Lightings tweaks.

Changelog v1.3:
– Fixed black line error on all maps – Now you can play on Podagorsk, Calfghan and others without black water line problem.
– Fixed problem with black lakes on cherno (Exchange with nice glade’s)
– Fixed problem with MP keys (New ones)
– Fixed problem with indestructible object (Most of them)
– License edit ( Read new Read Me )
– Renember, custom A2 maps may popup with some errors in MP, but there is no problem with using them as 3rd party mod in ArmA 3 now with A3MP.

Changelog v1.2:
– ADD: New map – Desert
– ADD: New map – Proving grounds
– ADD: New map – Shapur
– ADD: Added better compatibility with certain maps from ArmA 2 (Like Fallujah or Namalsk )*
– FIX: A3 clouds on all maps
– FIX: Visiblity range fixed on all maps
– FIX: Lighting on Utes
– FIX: Lighting on Takistan
– FIX: Lighting on Zargabad
– FIX: Problem with missing CFG’s
– FIX: Water-hit particles fixed
– FIX: Optimization tweaks – Moar FPS
* – There may be problem with ” water line ” at middle of screen ( Have NO IDEA how to fix it )

Download Full v1.4
Full pack pack – v1.4
Mirror #1 –
Mirror #2 –

Download via Torrent v1.4 – Renember to SEED please!
Torrent –

Download in parts v1.4
Part #1 – v1.4
Mirror #1 –
Mirror #2 –
Mirror #3 –

Part #2 – v1.4
Mirror #1 –
Mirror #2 –
Mirror #3 –

Part #3 – v1.4
Mirror #1 –
Mirror #2 –
Mirror #3 –

ArmA 3 Map Pack – A3MP

Remember to check my A3MP-AP mod!…dditional-Pack

Special thanks to:
– .kju for help with the mod creation and sharing the AiA configs.
– Fabio for great lighting configuration
– Bohemia Interactive
– Awesome community support
– Rockhount and [] Doc for help with host!

Some informations
– Info about license and version is in Mod folder
– You are not allowed to redistribute this mod, and sign it as your own.
– Please to renember who is 1st author
– You all are allowed to make Takistan Life, Cherno Life based on this mod ofc!
– Share and like our Facebook Click!
– License is APL-SA
– MP Keys included

And again Thanks to kju and Fabio – without them and AiA project, this project would not exist.


BASIX Serverside Anti-Hack / Administration Mod

BASIX is a serverside addon developed to aid in the defence
against hackers ans script-kiddies, BASIX achieves this by
remotely sending code to each client that joins the server
which runs in the background until illegitimate activity is found.


  • Runs completely serverside, this means no yellow question mark in the serverbrowser
  • Highly configurable, BASIX comes with a configuration file to changes scan options
  • Whitelist to prevent admins and VIP’s being falsely detected as hacking
  • When a player is detected as hacking they are kicked to the lobby and players alerted
  • Players that get kicked by BASIX will not be able to reconnect until the server restarts

BASIX Options:

  • Blacklisted addon files (PBO Files)
  • Blacklisted variable names (Comes with some common Hack-Variables already configured)
  • Blacklisted classnames, useful due to hackers being able to hide addon files (Comes with some common Hack-Classnames already configured)
  • User defined speed limit (e.g. if someone goes 3000 kmh they are probably hacking)
  • Blacklisted weapons (Useful for Life servers, e.g. you probably don’t want people walking around with some missile launchers)
  • Blacklisted vehicles (Same as the vehicle Blacklist except vehicles, e.g. Blacklist tanks, etc…)
  • Anti-Teleport detection
  • Small limited admin menu system

Installation Instructions:

1. Install C++ runtime from the link below….aspx?id=40784
2. Extract the .zip folder contents into your ArmA 3 server directory
3. When prompted to merge the “Addons” folder click yes
4. Edit the settings in “BASIX_CONFIGfn_BASIX_SETTINGS.sqf”
5. Start your server as normal, BASIX has been installed!

Note: “CTRL + SHIFT + TAB” for admin menu

Version: 1.0
Version 1.0

  • Initial release



Want to support BASIX Development?
Donate To The Project

STI Addons

More images can be found on my photobucket

Version : B225
Release Date :2014-04-10


Arma 3


Not sure if this needs a description, but its the A10A ported over from arma sample models
some updated textures, service menu etc.

I would like to point out though that this is a beta, things might not work properly
and other things will be updated in the future.

But i felt you guys have waited long enough so ill put it up here even though i feel it might not be 100% finished
(one issue i know is the get out and in animations are not perfect, tested the ones for the new “future” a10 needs to be fixed more later)


-Service menu
-Formation markers
-Ejection seat

Classnames and Credits can be found in the text file in the download as usual.



STI Weapons – Machineguns



ASDG Joint Rails

ASDG Joint Rails is a config addon which defines weapon rails using the new attachment config system available since patch 1.04 came out (31 Oct 2013).

Download from Dev-Heaven

Download from Armaholic. Thanks Foxhound!

The rails are attached by default to all vanilla weapons. The goal is to provide a common system which can be used by weapon and attachment mod makers in order to prevent mod conflicts.

List of mods supporting this system (thanks to the authors for their support !):

FHQ Accessories
FHQ M4 for Arma 3
ASDG Attachments
AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units) – provides optional ASDG JR config by Stiltman
Design Mastery Weapons – config for ASDG JR provided by JonieTurnock. Note: this config also requires RHARD Mk18 – see link below.
EricJ Weapons Pack
Sham’s US Armament Pack
NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz WEAPONS – since v1.2 it includes an updated JR config provided by Massi.
G36 Pack
Toadie’s SmallArms and Animations
Purple Famas pack
benelli m4 super 90 pack by Purple
Sudden’s Russians – a config for ASDG JR compatibility is available: lukrop’s customized configs
Hellenic Armed Forces
TMR Modular Realism
STI Weapons – Machineguns

As examples of how the system can be used by modders and for the immediate practical value to players, I have bundled a few optional config addons in the opt directory, for use with these mods:

Iansky’s scopes
RH M4/M16 pack
Christian.1987’s Mp7 ported to A3
TMR Modular Realism – Note: if you have ASDG Attachments (recommended, see link above), don’t use the optional config provided here. Use the optional tmr_autorest that comes with ASDG Attachments instead. – no longer needed, use TMR 0.4 or newer instead.

Note: to activate any of these configs in game you have to copy them from @ASDG_JRopt to @ASDG_JRaddons.

Updated for Arma 3 v1.08 (added LRPS compatibility with asdg_OpticRail1913)
LMG_Mk200_F uses the short rail (asdg_OpticRail1913_short)
Updated the bonus config for RH M4-M16 pack v1.05 (added RH_ta31rco_2D compatibility with asdg_OpticRail1913)

Added new base class: asdg_OpticRail1913_short. It will take all the optics from asdg_OpticRail1913 except those which require a long rail to attach, like the DMS. It is used by default on the Tavor and the Zafir. Thanks to Alwarren for the suggestion !
Updated config for RH M4/M16 pack
Removed config for FHQ Accessories (not needed anymore since the latest version added support for ASDG JR)
Added config for TMR (enables attaching bipod for Rahim rifle)

Removed all changes to the vanilla slots.
Added bonus configs for a few more mods (RH M4, RHARD Mk18, GvsE’s Mp7 and Massi’s weapon pack).

Initial release

Attachment config example:

class CfgPatches { class my_cool_attachments { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.04; requiredAddons[] = {"asdg_jointrails"}; }; }; class asdg_SlotInfo; class asdg_FrontSideRail: asdg_SlotInfo { class compatibleItems { my_cool_flashlight = 1; my_cool_bipod = 1; }; }; class asdg_OpticRail; class asdg_OpticRail1913: asdg_OpticRail { class compatibleItems { my_cool_acog = 1; my_cool_aimpoint = 1; my_cool_scope_which_needs_a_long_top_rail = 1; }; }; class asdg_OpticRail1913_short: asdg_OpticRail1913 { class compatibleItems: compatibleItems { my_cool_scope_which_needs_a_long_top_rail = 0; }; }; // having the attachments defined compatible with the common rails, they will automatically work on all weapons which use these rails. // in case some attachments work for most weapons but not for some, I can declare them incompatible as below class CfgWeapons { class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F: Rifle_Base_F { class WeaponSlotsInfo; }; class EBR_base_F: Rifle_Long_Base_F { class WeaponSlotsInfo: WeaponSlotsInfo { class asdg_OpticRail_EBR: asdg_OpticRail1913 { class compatibleItems: compatibleItems { my_cool_aimpoint = 0; // my cool aimpoint's mount doesn't fit here }; }; }; }; class Tavor_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { class WeaponSlotsInfo: WeaponSlotsInfo { class asdg_FrontSideRail_Tavor: asdg_FrontSideRail { class compatibleItems: compatibleItems { my_cool_bipod = 0; // my cool bipod doesn't look good on the Tavor }; }; }; }; };

Weapon config example:

class CfgPatches { class my_cool_new_rifle { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.04; requiredAddons[] = {"asdg_jointrails"}; }; }; class asdg_FrontSideRail; class asdg_OpticRail1913; class asdg_OpticRail1913_short; class CfgWeapons { class Rifle; class Rifle_Base_F : Rifle { class WeaponSlotsInfo; }; class my_cool_new_rifle_with_a_full_picatinny_top_rail : Rifle_Base_F { class WeaponSlotsInfo { mass = 60; allowedSlots[] = {901}; class asdg_FrontSideRail_MyRifle: asdg_FrontSideRail {}; class asdg_OpticRail_MyRifle: asdg_OpticRail1913 {}; }; }; class my_cool_new_rifle_with_short_picattiny_top_rail : Rifle_Base_F { class WeaponSlotsInfo { mass = 60; allowedSlots[] = {901}; class asdg_FrontSideRail_MyRifle: asdg_FrontSideRail {}; class asdg_OpticRail_MyRifle: asdg_OpticRail1913_short {}; }; }; };

Known limitations

Scripts that rely on hard-coded weapon slot class names (CowsSlot, PointerSlot) will not be able to recognize the compatible attachments properly. They should be adapted to read class names dynamically from the config. If you’re using VAS, make sure you have at least version 2.1 which is compatible with ASDG JR (thanks Tonic!).

F/A-18 Super Hornet and Su-35S Flanker E

Version 1.6 by John_Spartan and Saul

[F/A-18 E/F over Altis, screenshots by Saul]

The Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet is a twin-engine carrier-based multi-role fighter aircraft variant based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet. The F/A-18 E single-seat and F/A-18 F tandem-seat variants are larger and more advanced derivatives of the F/A-18 C and D Hornet. The Super Hornet has an internal 20 mm gun and can carry air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface weapons. Additional fuel can be carried in up to five external fuel tanks and the aircraft can be configured as an airborne tanker by adding an external air refueling system.

For quite a while I have been working on F/A-18 add-on so it can be used in ARMA game engines. When I started to work on Franze’s F/A-18 my main goal was to make look like the vanilla in game aircraft, so they share the same ammo, look similarly textured when put next to each other and use/share same functions that ArmA offers. During last year I have found a friend and a talented 3D artist assisting me on this project – Saul, also Franze mentoring me thru the development process helped to shape this add-on to a stage where we are now with fully working ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 versions. This is the point where Saul is taking over project lead on ArmA 3 version, and I’ll focus on development of these bad boys to a next stage.

John Spartan

Only in the past few months have I worked with John on the F-18 and I have to say every minute of my free time was worth it. It’s been rough rebuilding the aircraft from the ground up but our goal is to create the best aircraft available for the community. John is a talented scripter and modder and I look forward to working with him in the future.


This add-on represents real life F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet.
United States Navy – ARMA NAVY GREY [F/A 18E and F/A 18F]
USN Pacific Fleet:
– VFA-14 “Tophatters” [F/A 18E]
– VFA-41 “Black Aces” [F/A 18F]
– VFA-27 “Royal Maces” [F/A 18E]
– VFA-154 “Black Knights” [F/A 18F]
USN Atlantic Fleet:
– VFA-31 “Tomcatters” [F/A 18E]
– VFA-103 “Jolly Rogers” [F/A 18F]
– ARMA USMC GREY [F/A 18E and F/A 18F]
– VMFA-225 “Vikings” [F/A-18F]
– VMFA-232 “Red Devils” [F/A-18E]
– VFA-314 “Black Knights” [F/A-18E]
Royal Australian Air Force:

– New model for E/F (From ARMA 2 OA v2.0)
– HD textures
– Full realistic set of weapons models
– GPS targeting system
– Afterburner
– Foldable wings
– Ejection sequence
– Canopy animation
– Flares and radar warning system
– Fuselage vapour effects
– Engine exhaust effect
– Aerial refuelling from “buddy pod” of F/A-18 F
– Fuel drop sequence
– Working mirrors in pilot/ WSO views in both E/F
– Master arms “SAFETY” feature
– Collision Lights and Formation Lights
– Night Vision HUD for night flying and taxi
– ATFLIR laser designator for WSO
– User interface via Service Menu allowing ordnance and paint scheme customization
– Pilots manual user interface
– 19 Unit textures featuring CAG and LOW from various NAVY, USMC, and RAAF units.

What’s Planned
– New dynamic afterburner
– Upgraded cockpit
– Start-up animations
– And much more

ARMA 3 game engine: Bohemia Interactive
Project lead: Saul
Author of original addon and concept: Franze
Brand new model: Saul and John_Spartan
HD textures: Saul
Afterburner script originally by: Lethal and Gnat
GUI dialog by: John_Spartan
Config and scripts by: John_Spartan
Advisers: Franze, Gnat, Vengeance1, Iceman77, Rock

Special thanks goes to MSgt. Don Welch, USAF [Retired, alias AV8R] and TF BLACKJACK squad for help with MP/COOP testing and their advice on creating more realistic flight model and SP/ MP testing.

And of course all the community members for being so kind and posting valuable information/tutorials and solutions about how to mod this game.

You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author.

This addon is released under:
Creative Commons Licence

for use in ARMA 3 version 1.04

[F/A-18 E fly by, screenshot by Saul]
[Video created by Fragzilla]



Link Unavailable at this time
[thank’s to GoodKill for hosting this mod]
[thanks to Sonsalt]

[thank’s Foxhound, much appreciated]

Change Log:
Change Log:
v1.6 – Updated 3-17-14
– full pilots manual added
– GPS targeting system implemented
– fixed the possibility of “backwards flying”
– MFD’s should not flicker on some graphics cards as reported earlier
– tweaked missile box [Air-to-Air weapons can lock on air targets only]
– tweaked pilots FOV
– Track IR support added [thanks to Feint]
– whole “service menu” is optimized to A3 standard
– thermal imaging textures added on E and F versions
– pilots hand animations added
– some small RVMAT fixes
– HUD slightly adjusted, should be more accurate
– fixed pilots uniform issue
– afterburner tweaked [less effective on ground, for more realistic take off]
– fixed tail hook animation error landing on USS Nimitz [by Jdog and TeTeT]

v1.5 – Updated 10-11-13
– Ejection function added/tweaked
– Aerial refueling scripts tweaked
– some small code optimization

Also some of the features like ejection script is still WIP so please post feedback and we will update the functions and make them more realistic and in game style like.

v1.49 – Updated 27-10-13
– texture’s and rvmats updated
– fuel drop sequence added
– aerial refuelling possibility added [from F/A-18 F equipped with “buddy pod”]
– IGUI with custom icons and info
– Ejection function placeholder added [will be fully updated with next release]
– compatibility with JDog’s & TeTeT Nimitz mod for ArmA 3 added
– small bug fixes/code optimization
– some small weapons config tweeks
– custom pilot added with more realistic gear [Fighter Pilot under NATO/Man]
– HUD crosshair alignment fixed [now spot on for dogfighting]
– Small tweaks on pilots and gunners animations

v1.2 – Updated 9-29-13
– new weapons added to built in missilebox
– UI for arming menu added
– UI for custom skin selection added
– 19 custom HD skins added [in separate PBO, not mandatory to use mod]
– small bug fixes/code optimization
– action menu entries tweekde to make sure pilot/WSO have the right ones
– clasname for F version changed [new one is JS_JC_FA18F]
– WSO camera tweeked
– Other small optimizations

v1.0 – Initial Release

Jet Ejection Seat

Hi Guys!
New Addon is up!

Ever got angry because of the ejection seat in ArmA 3, placing the pilot next to the plane instead of pushing him realistically out of that cockpit, like every jet should be able after 2030?

Well, then this is for you!

ArmA 3 Ejection Seats


– Pushes you out of the cockpit with a realistic force
– Works in all flight positions and even upside down
– A non-steerable parachute will be added to the player and opened automatically after ejection
– Collision with the jet is no more possible

Mirror #1:
Mirror #2:


– Copy the contained mod folder “@EjectionSeat” into your ArmA 3 directory (usually C:UsersYournameDocumentsArma 3)
– Go to the game, to your extension settings and activate the mod “EjectionSeat”
– Or you add the mod in your game start command (-mod=@EjectionSeat)

You’re almost done!


Before you can use the ejection seat, you have to add one line to your init.sqf server file:

PHP Code:
 execVM "EjectionSeatEjectionSeat.sqf";

Have a try Should work with both single- and multiplayer (tested in SP).

Have fun!


NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

What it Is
This is a modified version of Lao Fei Mao’s Damage addon that incorporates some of the newest weapon mods.

What it Does
It modifies the damage output from all vanilla and some addon 5.56 and 7.62 ammunition using a damage coefficient.

How it Works
The included .pbo can be modified to you units personal taste easily. The coefficient can be adjusted to whatever you feel is realistic and any ammo type can be added to suit your units needs.

How to use it for Noobs
Make a folder that starts with @ example: @Damage_Mod
Make a folder inside that folder called “addons”
Download the .pbo and place it inside the “addons” folder
Now you can run it as other mods are run. There is enough documentation on this but if you dont know how check out Armaholic For instructions.

The reason I did not include it inside an @ folder is to save character room in command lines for dedicated servers. People with dedicated servers usually have a server repo bin for misc stuff like this. Anyone else can just make a mod folder and run it normally.

Removes the need for event handlers on all enemy units and spawners.
Universal to all enemy types even ones that haven’t come out yet.
Very Lightweight at only 2kb download.
Easy to dispose of if BIS ever changes their damage values.
Easier than going into each individual mod to change damage values on addon weapons.
Adjustable to taste. Realism is in the eye of the beholder.

New ammo types must be added manually.
Stacks with other modifiers like “Roy86 PO3 easy takedown” and “Banga Bobs EOS damage multiplier” These are easily disabled in parameters just remember to do it.
You must have basic understanding of how cfg works to make use of this.
most likely more….

The code below is the entire addon with hints to show you what can be adjusted.

class CfgPatches { class Redfield_Bullet_Hits_Value //This is how your addon will appear in the cfg viewer. You can name it whatever you want to reflect your units specific configuration { units[] = { }; weapons[] = { }; requiredVersion = 1.000000; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Weapons_F_beta", "mas_weapons", "Ej_u100" //Add any addons you are using that add new magazines to the game that you want to adjust. See pic below }; }; }; #define hitvaluecoef 8 //This is the magic number. The hit value coefficient is how we modify the damage output on any particular round. Mao uses 7 and I use 8. These are both very good numbers if added //However you can also choose to multiply this number below and change it to 2-3 but adding works best and Ill show you why. //for 5.56 hit value 8 + hitvaluecoef (8) = 16 so basically x2 damage on 5.56 but for more powerful rounds x2 damage can cause unwanted results like .50 machine guns overpowered. //using + gives diminishing returns on larger caliber weapons so the formula below works best. class CfgAmmo { class BulletCore ; class BulletBase : BulletCore //In this area you can add any new rounds you want to be effected by the addon. You can see I have added Massi's 5.56 and others. { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_556x45_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_mas_556x45_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_mas_556x45_Ball_T : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class RH_556x45_B_Mk262 : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 10 + hitvaluecoef; }; class TB_556x45_Ball : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_56x15_dual : BulletBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_65x39_Caseless : BulletBase { hit = 10 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 10 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_762x51_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 12 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_mas_762x51_Ball : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 12 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_mas_762x51_Ball_T : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 12 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Red : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 12 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_408_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 21 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_12Gauge_Slug : BulletBase { hit = 24 + hitvaluecoef; }; class ShotgunBase ; class B_12Gauge_Pellets : ShotgunBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_9x21_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 5 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x33_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 18 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x99_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 27 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x99_SLAP : B_127x99_Ball { hit = 34 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x108_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 27 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x108_APDS : B_127x108_Ball { hit = 34 + hitvaluecoef; }; };

Armaholic Download

Generic File Hosting Download

The code below effects only vanilla weapons. The Code below is Mao’s original Code and it does not need to be altered if you dont run mods. The download link for his original version is below.

class CfgPatches { class Redfield_Bullet_Hits_Value { units[] = { }; weapons[] = { }; requiredVersion = 1.000000; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Weapons_F_beta" }; }; }; #define hitvaluecoef 8 class CfgAmmo { class BulletCore ; class BulletBase : BulletCore { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_556x45_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_56x15_dual : BulletBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_65x39_Caseless : BulletBase { hit = 10 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 10 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_762x51_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 12 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Red : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 12 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_408_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 21 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_12Gauge_Slug : BulletBase { hit = 24 + hitvaluecoef; }; class ShotgunBase ; class B_12Gauge_Pellets : ShotgunBase { hit = 8 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_9x21_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 5 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x33_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 18 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x99_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 27 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x99_SLAP : B_127x99_Ball { hit = 34 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x108_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 27 + hitvaluecoef; }; class B_127x108_APDS : B_127x108_Ball { hit = 34 + hitvaluecoef; }; };

Download LAO FEI MAO’s version <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<For vanilla weapons only.

Special Thanks to Lao Fei Mao for making this addon. All I have done is added the extra cfg’s for 3rd party weapons.

I have added Lao Fei Mao’s original version for people that have a hard time configuring the mod. This will only effect 6.5mm and it uses a different Damage coefficient than my version. However it is extremely easy to use. no need to config just make an @Folder for it as explained above.

TFA – Naval Special Warfare Gear

Hi everyone, this is a mod retexture pack (I have two, exclusive, new models in it, and one donated model of a PVS-14 MNVG) that has been in the works since ArmA 2. This is my first public release after years of internal stuff and I wanted to release this publically as a thank you to the community and BIS. This is a mod pack made for my unit, TASK FORCE APACHE, and works beautifully so far in A3; it provides functionality and customization for each individual. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.


Naval Special Warfare Uniforms

Click images for larger versions (not tactically accurate situations)



Wishlist / Future Plans:


  • I developed this while using Tonic’s Virtual Ammo Box. It’s a lot more convenient (IMHO) this way, but not required. There are no requirements for this mod other than A3.
  • For full class names and change log see the mod change log included in downloaded file.
  • I’m in dire need for another modeller. If you’re interested, please PM me immediately.

You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author. Out of respect for the work I did, and the help I’ve been given, the community, and the game and BI, please do not edit this without consent by me and me alone. Please contact me for request for alterations.

This addon is released under:
Creative Commons Licence

for use in ARMA 3 version CURRENT


  • Task Force Apache for testing/evaluation and critic. And bugging me and sidetracking me over the years.
  • Alex Vestin for his MCam template and general config issues that arose.
  • Saul for his INDEP Camo Templates.
  • Riouken general assistance over the years.
  • BIS for the awesome models, fun games and community outreach you do for all of us since the day of OFP (and now for the data release!).
  • Foxhound/ArmaHolic guys for the years of hard work they do day in and day out for the community. Rock on guys.
  • Maj Morency[7CMBG] for O2 and config issues that arose.
  • TxT for O2 and config issues that arose.
  • StalkerGB for his PVS-14 model.
  • Binkowski for general O2, config issues that arose.


DOWNLOAD v3.80 from Media Fire (165 MB)

VILAS addons
BiKey for servers

new version in April 2014
lWIKI, screens of units, vehicles, etc.

FILES (day-month-year format) <Armaholic link to P85_weapons WEAPONS PACK Nov/Dec 2013 < WEAPONS, VEHICLES CONFIG April 2014 <Armaholic link to P85_v VEHICLES April 2014 CIV CARS April 2014 POLAND Dec 2013 USSR Dec 2013 USA, UK Dec 2013 BW, NVA February 2014 Nogova, FIA, Taki, RACS Feb 2014

readme from Arma 1



1 Pack of Russian weapons:
25th May 2013 size 125 MB

2. West weapons (G3 , etc.):
13 September 2012 size 95 MB

3. Weapon holders units (Russian, India, Pakistan, Lithuania, woodland, olive etc.)
27 January 2011 size 54 MB

weaponholders Combined Ops version w.i.p. pack:

13 Sept 2012 today size 70 MB

what is difference between this and Arma2 version:

– backpacks in my models (some Russians too, only not BIS MVD, Specnaz, Vityaz)
– US infantry in woodland, sixcolor, dcu from Gulf War, A-Stan War, Kosovo operation and… Black Hawk Delta Very Happy
new textures and models (not P85 woodland, but new shown on BI Forums)

4. T55, T62, T64, T80 pack + 2S1 + UAZ 451/452 van
04 January 2011 time size 44 MB

5. BRADLEY, M109, M113 and Abrams
12 December 2010 time size 22 MB

screens show content

April 2014 size 470+180 MB , thanx to SLX for magazine animation example< military part < civilian vehicles
addon contains:…6&mforum=vilas

on special requests i converted old A1 addon of Colonial Marines and APC from Alien movie and weapons from AVP games and movies :]
last wip from 3rd March 2013

8 Police: for MP RPG clans to free use and rework
15 January 2011 time size 16 MB

L86a2 & acog

Started experimenting with porting A2 > A3 last week and decided to try and bring the L86A2 over to A3. I have no previous experience with modeling or using any software of the sorts and only limited config/texture knowledge, so everything has been a learning process from the start with tons of scrapped attempts! Thanks to Kiory’s L85A2 source files i managed to figure most of it out by using it as a template, but i still suspect there is a lot of things that have been done incorrectly on my end! Regardless, the weapon is 100% working without generating any errors (that i’m aware of) and have sounds from LordJarhead! Also included is an ACOG which i think is supposed to resemble the Trijicon TA31F-RMR.

It features custom Iron Sights (from Kiory), animated bolt/mag/muzzle flash and slightly edited textures which is still too shiny and bright imo, but i haven’t gotten around to learning how to deal with that yet!

Massive thanks to Kiory/LordJarhead for help and files provided and of course Bohemia for the A2 source files!

The files are unbinarized and you are free to do whatever you want with it provided you seek permission from Kiory & LJ to use their stuff!


Group Link 5 Special FX Edition

Group Link 5 Special FX Edition
Version 1.0 Release date: 4/10/2014

Project state:

Toadlife – Operation Flashpoint Group Link The Original
KeyCat – Operation Flashpoint Group Link 2 The enhanced version
=SNKMAN/= – Armed Assault Group Link 2 Plus with special thanks to ZoneKiller, KyleSarnik, Solus
=SNKMAN/= – Armed Assault Group Link 3
snYpir, Zayfod, Toadlife, Igor Drukov, General Barron, TJ – Operation Flashpoint Mod ECP ( Enhanced Configuration Project )
thunderbird84, Harkonin – Operation Flashpoint Mod F.F.U.R
=SNKMAN/= – Armed Assault 2 Group Link 4 Special FX Edition
Zorrobyte – Armed Assault 3 Group Link 5 Core for Arma 3
Lordprimate – Armed Assault 3 Group Link 5 Special FX Edition for Arma 3

Hats off to Lordprimate; he has spent countless hours converting classnames, patching bugs and is most generally responsible for all of the FX features in this edition of GL5.

KeyCat originally open sourced GL2, in which SNKMAN violated this license and instead closed sourced his port. Zorrobyte released GL5 open source which outraged some of the Arma community. I am humbled to carry Group Link onward under its original open source license, thank you!

This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

Under the following terms:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.
No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

You do not have to comply with the license for elements of the material in the public domain or where your use is permitted by an applicable exception or limitation.
No warranties are given. The license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material.

Project description
To fully port GL4 to A3, Special FX features included.

What are the differences between GL5 CORE and GL5 FX?
GL5 CORE is AI only (GL5_System.pbo) for servers and those who use Blastcore, don’t want FX, dubbing etc.

GL5 FX Edition is the full GL4 port including FX, dubbing, blood, burning buildings etc. Literally everything is here (although some may still be broken/buggy).

Since I use GIT and Forks, I work on the GL5 Core Repo (link) while Lordprimate works on the GL5 FX Repo (link). Any changes I make to the GL5 Core repo (updates, bugfixes, etc) get upstreamed (merged) into the GL5 FX repo.

None known as of yet, some may say CBA_A3

Please see the Wiki at…core/wiki/Home

Known Issues: (please report issues here)…edition/issues

(upstream changes from GL5 Core will be merged into this repo/fork)

Installation instructions:
Copy the “@GL5” folder into your Arma 3 root directory.
Drag the “UserConfig” folder from “@GL5UserConfig” in your Arma 3 root directory.

Additional Notes:
As I use PboView and have issues compiling with several other “modern” PBO packers, this addon may need work before being posted on Sixupdater. May be user error, I apologize but gave up after a few hours of keyboard mashing.

Thank you to the Arma community for the support, without you GL5 wouldn’t of been possible.…ting-GL4-to-A3


Asr ai 3

This is my AI enhancement mod for Arma3.

Download link: ASR AI 0.9.2

This mod requires CBA.

To install, extract userconfig from the archive into your main Arma 3 directory, extract @ASR_AI3 into your favorite mod folder location (usually same place, main Arma 3 directory).

Issue tracker

It was primarily developed with dedicated server / coop gameplay in mind, although it works just as well for single player use.
I have played both campaign episodes with zero issues having this mod enabled (in fact, I probably would not have played them at all otherwise).

All the scripted features are running server side only. If a player joins a server with the mod active, his userconfig has no effect, the server scripted settings are applied, even for AI spawned/running on the player’s machine.

Here’s a list of features:

– common module, required by the others
– has no effect on it’s own, it contains common macro definitions and versioning stuff

– loads user settings defined in main Arma diruserconfigasr_ai3asr_ai3_settings.hpp
– also required by the other modules

– AI’s fire mode selection, rate of fire and engagement ranges are tweaked. Makes them shoot more human-like.
– Weapon dispersion varies more with unit’s skill. The lower the skill, the more increased dispersion. Makes tweaking them from the userconfig more effective.

– Reconfigures detection skills for soldiers. Base sensitivity skill has been reduced for civilians (3->2) and increased for snipers (3.5->4).
Enemy snipers should be harder to hide from while friendly snipers should be employed strategically.
Hearing has been improved for soldiers but the perceived noise made by soldier movement was reduced. Makes sneaking up still possible while soldiers will
detect other noises better overall (those made by gun shots or vehicles for example).
– The units skills are automatically configured based on their unit type, faction and the settings that can be changed in the userconfig. The skills are randomized but
given in between a minimum and a maximum value based on the skill level each unit is assigned in. This way you can have regular unit better then guerilla but spec ops
or snipers a lot better then all so you’re able to customize but also keep the diversity. You can configure for each unit class values for their aiming, spotting and general
skills. You can also apply global coefficients per faction. The skills are appied after the start of the mission for present units or for any units that may spawn in
– Skill reduction for wounded units. Wounding your target has an immediate effect on their ability to detect you or shoot back.
– Reconfigures unit costs. Units are classified by importance in 3 levels: less (civilians, insurgents, militia), normal (regulars), more (special ops, snipers, officers).
Units (especially players) may change equipment so it doesnt make sense to have an “AT guy” wear a big “shoot me first” sign just because he’s in that “class”.
– The viewdistance of the dedicated server is dynamically adjusted during a mission based on sun elevation and fog level. This is done because the view distance of the
AI on the server determines how fast they will lose a target they already became aware of. Less chances of getting shot through the thick of the fog or darkness by AI
you can’t even see.

– AI share info about threats with other groups in their proximity if they have radios. Enhances awareness for groups that are not directly in contact with an enemy.
– AI Groups coming into contact while in the open will try to move to cover. They may use smoke to conceal their movement. Helps them survive longer when caught in the open.
– AI groups which do not have any pre-set waypoints may respond to danger with an attack, take defensive positions, use near houses, static or vehicle weapons.
They will assess known enemy strength when considering how to react to danger. Makes then less predictable and more dangerous.
– AI machinegunners use suppressive fire. Makes them more effective and feared.
– AI will be alerted by explosions. They may try to get to cover. The higher state of alertness will increase the chances of detecting the enemy.
– AI units are more able to detect gun fire. There are many factors which contribute to how far they can hear and how precise the information gained is:
the ammo type, if the weapon is suppressed, how loud the weapon is (sound mods can change this), foliage, houses.
– Wounded AI that is unable to walk may separate from their group and be left alone if there’s no medic in the group. Helps AI groups reach their destination in a timely
manner when one of theirs has been shot in the leg or had a stupid accident (fell of a rock and broke legs, got hit by car etc.).
– Groups reduced to a single unit after mission start will look for near friendly groups and join with them. AI working as a team is a lot stronger then a bunch of separate units.
– Buildings are used in combat by AI. You may see AI shooting from windows or rooftops and it may not be as easy to hide in a house anymore.


– improved AI smoke throwing
– allow AI to throw smoke when wounded
– minor code fixes/optimization

– aiming skill increased slightly in CfgAISkill
– CTRG units are now SF (skill level 2)
– reworked reactions to danger
– userconfig defaults changed: radiorange from 400 to 500, throwsmoke from 0.5 to 0.8, gunshothearing from 0.8 to 1.2; will increase awareness and smoke usage

– dispersion coefficients reduced
– aiming default skills increased in userconfig
– minor rate of fire tweaks
– better helicopter spotting (increased sensitivity)
– improved selection of cover objects
– minor code improvements
– requires 1.14

Default userconfig content included below.



GLT Respawn Template Fix

Hello there,

since ArmA 3 1.16 the Bohemia Interactive Respawn Template is killing the player by default thus breaking all missions. Check:
Until this is officially fixed, sxp2high and I created a fix for that! It will also be included in the next GLT Mod patch.

DOWNLOAD: GLT Respawn Template Fix

1. Extract the zip file to your ArmA 3 main directory and load the folder @GLT just like any other mod
2. In order to get it working, the mission must have the value respawnOnStart = 0; in the description.ext file (IT WON’T AUTOMATICALLY FIX ALL PREVIOUSLY CREATED MISSIONS BUT IT WILL HELP MISSION DESIGNERS TO AVOID THE INSTANT KILL)

Modified Kegety’s spectator script for A3 – v 1.0

While I was really missing the functionality of the great Kegetys’ Spectator Script in ArmA 3 and the updated versions around didn’t match my expectations, I decided to bit the bullet and made some major updates which do (/should) work in A3.

Download: Kegetys’ Spectator Script for A3

Auto Action Focus (raw video, vehicle support after 02:00)

Feedback appreciated

– Added first person camera
– space bar toggles weapons sight in first person view
– Auto Action Focus / Lazy combat observer mode enabled for first person view too
– Fixed occasional client crash due to spectator script
– Smoother camera handling
– improved visibility for ‘unit locator’ color
– Leader identified by slightly larger and lighter ‘color tag’
– code optimization

previous versions:

– unzip file in spectator sub dir of mission folder
– add the following to ‘description.ext’ file:
#include “spectatorspectating.hpp”
– for manual start call spectator script with:
[player] execVM “spectatorspecta.sqf”;
– copy ‘onPlayerRespawn.sqf’ file to mission root folder to overrule seagull and start spectator script

There are 4 camera view modes, which can be cycled by mouse menu or c (camera) key
– chase: will chase the selected unit – zoom in/out using mouse wheel
– lock-on: will allow you to focus on a unit and circle around by pressing right mouse button and zoom using mouse wheel
– first-person: obviously 1st person view – use space bar to switch between weapon sight
– free: travel camera around using w,s,a,d,q,z keys and mouse scroll wheel, right mouse to circle, and press Alt key to speed up, and use ctrl key for turbo mode

Click near a unit/vehicle on map or minimap to focus on this unit in chase and lock-on mode.
In free cam mode the camera is moved to that location.

m key – toggle map – mini map – no map
h key – while on map stop updating markers in case of low perf
n key – toggle night vision and thermal modes
t key – toggle unit side identification
y key – toggle unit combat awareness status identification
h key – toggle map marker update
v key – toggle (temporary 4x) viewdistance
ctrl + v-key – increase viewdistance up to 12km
c key – cycle camera mode
a/d key – select previous/next unit in lock-on and chase mode
1,2,3 key – direct cam switch
f1 – help
esc – close spectator mode
tab – hide hud
w,s,a,d,q,z key or mouse wheel – move camera in free mode (use alt or ctrl key to speed up camera movement)
alt + right mouse button – change FOV zoom
ctrl + alt + right mouse button – reset FOV zoom

Kaz’s Texturing Project – Releases

RAF Hercules C5/C6


This add-on is a re-textured BiS C-130J Super Hercules as included with the regular ArmA 2 game. The original re-skin has been made by Morris of the 16AA (link BAF Systems RAF C-130J Reskin)

The unit is a close representation of the Hercules C5 in use with the Royal Air Force today. However, the BiS Hecules model represents the US Marine Corps Lockheed C-130J, which is in some aspects quite different from the C5 airframe of the RAF. However, I have been able to closely approximate the versions in use with the RAF -modifying the textures only.

The RAF website let us know the following about the Hercules C5:
The RAF has a total of 25 C-130J C4/C5 aircraft. The (…) [Hercules] C5 is the same size as the C1. The C-130J has been modified and upgraded to include new Allison AE turboprop engines and Dowty Aerospace six-bladed composite propellers. The new engines and advanced propellers, coupled with a new digital engine-control system, give the C-130J increased take-off thrust and better fuel efficiency; thus the external fuel tanks have been omitted. The aircraft also has a revised flight deck with modern glass-cockpit and head-up displays, allowing two-pilot, flight deck operation. The cockpit of the aircraft is fully night-vision compatible with the use of night-vision goggles. A separate air loadmaster station has been established in the cargo hold. The aircraft has been cleared for wider use in the tactical TS role and is used for operational missions involving parachute ops and air despatch.

In the Arma 2 enivironment, I have used the base modification structure by Morris -opting for a redoing of his original three types of textures. My inability to add more skins to the add-on structure is the only issue preventing me from introducing more types.

As of now, three textures are included:

  • Olive Drab:
    The modern day version the RAF is using. The aircraft is weathered as to represent an operational aircraft used on dirt airstrips.
  • 2000’s Grey:
    The previously in-use version of the RAF. The first aircraft received this colour scheme in the late 1990’s. Most of the Grey aircraft have been over-painted in Olive Drab by now.
  • Desert Sand:
    A fictional C5 camouflage. During the Gulf War in 1990, the RAF experimented with a Pink Sand pattern on two airframes. The aircraft included is textured to represent this war-colour as close as possible, although it’s hard to find data on this paintjob.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.
When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:


Credits & Thanks:
A re-skin of the original BIS C-130J
Credits & Thanks for the original mod set-up by Morris.
Thanks to the 6th AB for checking the mod on faults.

Forum topic:
– Armaholic forums

Required mods:
– None, apart from a copy of Arma 2

Anyone is free to adapt, change or use the mod in any way he or she sees fit. Commercial or Military use is not granted.

Download Link:

LIFTER for ArmA 3

Hello everyone.
After a long long time (which I did not think back to release some script or mod) I’m back .
All credit goes to my brother ( nick : Ground Beef ) with his insistence that managed to adapt my old and dear lifter for ArmA2 (yes, the one who in his day , was part of the fabulous mod ACE).

for those who do not know , LIFTER is a set of scripts that give – as – you mod a helicopter , the ability to transport objects ( of almost any type and form ) suspended by external sling .

This version of the Mod, keeps the operating mode of its predecessor for ArmA2 with the advantages provided arma3 such as PIP capability.

To become familiar with its operation , I recommend that you read the documentation that shed in his day with the version for ArmA 2 ( link at end of post) .

For lazy people , here is a brief summary :
The module automatically applies to helicopters carrying capacity (Those type of attack can not only lift load , it is assumed that the weight of the weapon makes ability prohibitive ) .

To make realistic this function , a constant comparison is made between the volume of the helicopter and the load immediately below it. A routine is responsible for deduction if the load can be transported and decides what kind of sling use (there are 3 types, for light, medium and heavy duty) .

Find the charge within a distance of 3 meters (maximum) from the lower end of the sling hanging under the helicopter to the center of the object to be transported). It requires some skill to fly the load, but it becomes easier with practice.
There is the ability to turn on a video camera (turn on and off with the H key) presented on a screen in the cockpit, the area of the sling to the load. This camera has normal mode, night-vision and thermal (switch modes with shift + H on).
The load can be released at any time, with the consequent risk of damage. (<5 meters: No harm, 5-10 medium damage and> 10 total destruction).
Lift vehicles are not allowed inside staff with the exception of light boats (boats or mini-submarines for spec-ops).

The module covers most of the helicopters currently in use in ArmA 3, but new versions will be included if the community requested (keeping your sanity).
The loading process is distributed in the pc’s customers (not overload the server).

It was tested in SP and MP.


Link 1: Waiting for Armaholic
Link 2: Mega

Requirements: CBA_A3.

Link Lifter for ArmA2 (documentacion incluida en addon):

v1.04.1 (Hotfix #1)
-Fixed errors JIP
-Fixed error definition .rtm (fast-rope)


Real Armor Mod

Real Armor Mod 0.0.61 Alpha




>>Ongoing Documentation (Post)<<


  • >>CBA<< (A3 beta version)

What does it do?

  • Effectively eliminates the “hit point” system of vehicle damage*
  • All damage is based on penetration, non-penetrating hits no longer harm vehicles*
  • All weapons are given penetration values based on their real-world equivalents (or as near as can be in the case of fantasy/”future” weapons)
  • HEAT warheads and anti-HEAT armor (composites like “Chobham”, ERA, slatted armor, etc.) can be implemented.
  • WARNING: tanks can be hard to kill–particularly from the front–this behavior is realistic & intentional!


  • Alpha 0.0.1 Initial release
    • A preliminary pass. Will give pretty good results for armor vs. armor.
    • Slammer is immune to damage
    • configs have not been trimmed or cleaned up at all – will not play well with other mods
  • Alpha 0.0.3
    • Slammer immunity fixed
    • Starting to calibrate explosives & missiles (PCML & RPG-42 are done).
    • APC’s are still too damage resistant, but it’s not terrible. (I plan to fix it).
    • configs trimmed down and cleaned up to play better with other mods.
  • Alpha 0.0.35
    • Fix for PCML & RPG flying through vehicles.
    • config files trimmed to the bone–only changed values are in there.
  • Alpha 0.0.4
    • Tweaked vehicles to make them more vulnerable to penetrating damage (particularly APC’s). This also makes them slightly more vulnerable to non-penetrating damage, but I think the net result is more realistic.
    • zeroed MBT passThrough, but retained on APC HitFuel (altho it diminishes the effect of armor thickness; you could even make this value higher to reflect sensitive fuel tanks I suppose)
    • increased (weakened) explosionShielding on APCs
    • Discovered adding caliber causes missile bugs and removed all missiles from mod for time being. 🙁 They still work more realistically than they used to, but they do not use precise penetration values as the properly working weapons do.
  • Alpha 0.0.5
    • Missile & Rocket penetration enabled courtesy of Bakerman’s AIS_Penetration (RAM variant)
    • Advanced armor support but not for vanilla A3 vehicles
    • Tank damage sensitivity increased
    • Signed with my key to facilitate MP
  • Alpha 0.0.6
    • Fixed AIS munitioin problem
    • Make tracked vehicles susceptible to mines
    • Make APC’s (especially AA variants) more sensitive to damage
  • Alpha 0.0.61
    • Fixed AIS munition offset caused by latest BIS update

What does it not do?

  • No changes to soldier damage
  • No changes to air or sea vehicles (not yet anyway)
  • *While this mod is not “perfect” (and probably never will be unless BIS decides to do some rewriting), the results–especially for A2 ports–are as detailed as you’ve seen in Arma. It probably outperforms all but the most hardcore armor sims (i.e. Steel Beast Pro).

What’s the future plan?


  • Olds (instigator and causer of mistakes)
  • Bakerman (script guru)

Special Thanks

  • Sakura-Chan (for excellent contributions to the armor thread that kicked this all off)
  • zGuba (all-around helpful BIS developer)
  • Mikero’s incomparable DOS tools!
  • Hypnomatic & Dslyecxi (for the fun and useful projectile tracing script/scenario)
  • VKing (for modding practices help from a pro)
  • kju & the helpful gang at CUP


  • See Documentation post.–applies to RAM config changes only.
  • CBA & Bakerman’s contributions (all scripts) are subject to their own licensing terms(!)
  • I recommend you PM me for assistance if anything is unclear in the documentation.

Support our bug list Please click on these links & upvote them if you agree!

  • Missile & Rocket ammo breaks when you try to use submunitions.
  • You should be able to set the speed of ShotDeploy ammo.
  • Missiles & rockets don’t use caliber for penetration like other ammo types.

TMR Modular Realism

0.3 release video showing some new features

What is TMR?
TMR is a modular, open-source modification for Arma 3 aimed at increasing realism and complexity without sacrificing engaging gameplay and accessibility. Currently it includes only a small number of features, but more are being developed. TMR is meant to be used in all environments: single player, multiplayer co-op, team vs. team, even open-world scenarios.

You can find more information on the TMR homepage.

Current Features Summary

Theory of TMR

GET TMR 0.4.3
Developed for the current stable build of Arma 3.
– CBA for Arma 3
– ASDG Joint Rails

You can find more information on the TMR homepage.

HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled – Import

After some requests by many British teams … an import from ArmA 2 BAF. This addon uses mostly default textures and can be found under BLUFOR – British Forces – UK Wheeled faction.

NOTE : this addon is only tested using stable A3 branch and I’ll take no responsibility or actions about errors on Dev brach.

– Default and some custom ArmA 3 weapons
– Default ArmA 3 Units (crew)
– Default ArmA 3 sounds
– PhysX applied
– PIP (mirrors) fully working


Land Rover (Desert & Woodland camo – unarmed)
Jackal 2 L2A1 (Desert & Woodland camo)
Jackal 2 GMG (Desert & Woodland camo)


BAF_Offroad_D BAF_Offroad_W BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_W BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D BAF_Jackal2_GMG_W

All credits for this release belong to BIS as is the respective owner of 3d and main texture files.

This addon has no other mod (or addon) dependency and it is properly signed. Also a server key is included.

File size : ~100 MB

Primary Download Link :

Armaholic Link :


SFP: Islands

With the new tools released we decided to take a new approach.

Swedish Forces Pack will no longer come with islands, we will release them separably due mostly to big file size and not as often updated as the rest of the pack.

For now we are working on three islands, Sturkรถ, Rosรถ and Wamako.

Wamako have been released, before we got our hands on the proper tools. It worked as a test bed. However a few people liked it and I intend to try update it and fix “floating trees” and some other bugs.

Rosรถ will be our main island, we will make new objects, buildings and features. The island have been designed “from scratch” based on different areas in Sweden its not an accurate copy of any place but instead features both military bases, airport, military runways, harbours, a good road network. What we have in mind is making an island that offer many mission possibilities. Also includes a minor island in one corner in order to have a base to “launch that invasion” from. I really enjoyed that part on Everon.

Sturkรถ, this is an island known for some since we had it in ArmA2. Its based on real world data.
Mostly known for the events in which a Soviet submarine was discovered to have run aground, just a few miles outside a Swedish naval base.

SFP Island 0.0.2 Released
Includes Sturkรถ, still have a few bugs that we need to sort out. SFP believes in releasing addons with a few bugs rather than “perfect” screenshots.

Download: 78 mb

Swedish Forces Pack 0.3.0 or higher
A3 Map Pack OR All In Arma

Swedish Forces Pack

Swedish Forces Pack
Download: Around 1200 mb

Swedish Forces Pack have been updated to version 0.3.1.
Many changes and fixes since the ArmA3 Beta changed many things.

Includes features such as buddy reload, backblast and advance missiles.
More than 10 new completely new vehicles, including airplane, helicopter, drones, jeeps and boats.
Russians, with vehicles imported from ArmA2.
More than 20 new weapons and static missile launchers (Hawk, Sa-2).
Over 15 new uniforms, including military (Sweden, Soviet, Fictional African), civillian and police.

and to enjoy all this are over 15 missions for 2-40 players. Coop and PvP.

Release have been updated. For more details, please refer to the change log.

Please be aware!
There are some limitations we can’t fix due to not having the proper tools for ArmA3 yet, however we do as much as we can and we can fix those things later.
This is for the stable version, again BIS is changing classnames and stuff in dev branch and we can’t keep up with all changes. We will patch it later.

Package include:
Wamako, an African island under development.

Swedish infantry, 2035 style, our future style.
Swedish infantry, 2000-2015 style with UN, Woodland and special forces.
Swedish infantry, 1990-2000 style. Also includes “local defence” which got a plain green uniform could be used as “generic opfor”.

Wamako factions:
Army, the government supported by Sweden.
PNW, Nationalistic party that thinks the current government is too weak.
Milita, former communist and today leaning towards more “al queda”, just hate everything from “the west.”
Police and civillians.
This means more headgear and stuff that is worth mentioning.

Hms Norrkรถping, patrol boat with “radar” that enables you to fire missiles on naval targets up to 5 km away.
An-14, Soviet transport plane, also in bomber and civillian configuration.
Tgb 16, known as BAE RG 32M.
Tgb 11 (“Jeep”) and Tgb 20 (Truck transport)
TGB 1111 (open “jeep” with machinegun, AT missile)
TGB 20, Troop carrier
TGB 1314, Ambulance
Strv 122, Leopad 2 tank
G-class landing craft, small boat for squad level transport
HMS Gotland Submarine (no weapons, functions, for cutscenes only will hopefully be updated in the beta)
Retextures of a few vehicles. (Offroad, helicopter, APC)

H&K MP 5,
Kpist m45, Swedish K
Pistol 88, glock 17
Remington 870 shotgun.
AK 4, H&K G3
AK5 C med m203,
AK 47,
PSG 90, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

RPG 7,
GRG m86, Carl Gustaf/M3 MAAWS
Pskott 68, the miniman
Ksp 58, FN MAG

Older teaser for the 0.1.4 release

From our beta testing @


LHM Static Drag

LHM Static Drag

Allows dragging of static weapons (editor placed or setup) to place them in a more suitable situation. Allows for raising and lowering of dragged objects for better placement.
Allows for dragging of smaller crates (optionally larger crate configs are included).

Requirements: None
Version: 1.1.0


  • While dragging use left shift + scroll wheel to adjust the height of the dragged object.
  • There is an optional pbo located in the optional folder that allows for dragging of larger crates (Box_XXX_AmmoVeh_F, XXX_supplyCrate_F) place it in @LHM_StaticDragAddons to make use of it.



ZAM Glasses

LHM Glasses

I thought I would share some of the mod I am currently working on. It has gone through several iterations since I started working on it, from a simple screen tinting based on the glasses worn to overlays for combat/diving goggles to the possibility of explosions cracking glasses.

Version 2.2.1
Requires: CBA 3

Install Instructions:
– Unzip
– Place with your other mods
– Move the folders/files within the userconfig folder within @LHM to the userconfig folder in the root of Arma 3
– Add @LHM to your mod line using your fa

HETMAN – Artificial Leader

HAL 1.14 released.

HAL 1.14 (Armaholic)
HAL 1.14 (Dropbox)
HAL 1.14 (Zippyshare)


Same, as HAC for Arma 2, HAL is intended to enliven the battlefield of Arma 3 the same way a human leader would operate. HAL does not deal with the manner in which orders are executed (unit level), but mainly deals with the issuing of orders. In other words, this addon gives one or both sides of a conflict a field-commander level AI.

The addon ”HAL” is continuator of A2’s HAC for Arma 3. HAL 1.0 simply moves HAC 1.46 from Arma 2 to Arma 3. If you are familiar with HAC, you are ready to go. Others should check included manual and demo missions. HAL is relatively easy in basic use, but provides many optional features and config possibilities, that make HAL flexible, but also pretty complex mission making tool. Very few things was changed comparing to HAC 1.46 (MP, order notifications, artillery, some config variables…). However future versions of HAL may introduce new functionalities based on features provided by Arma 3.

One of most important goals of this addon is to keep high compatibility level with other addons, in particular those that extend the possibilities of AI for units and groups. HAL control is mostly based on issuing waypoints, and as much as possible HAL avoids interfering with low-level AI. In other words, HAL focuses on giving orders, rather than on the way in which orders will be executed.

HAL gives new, higher level AI, rather than changing the existing AI. There are only a very few exceptions to this rule, and generally these are optional. HAL should therefore enrich the gaming experience with new features, without conflicts with other addons. HAL is intended to complement their effects rather than to compete with them for control over units (at least for those addons that do not mess with waypoints).

HAL can serve as an instant battle generator as well as a general player opponent, or as base for complex missions and/or gameplay modes.

Addon version requires Community Base Addons.



To activate HAL for one side, one of the units of that side must be named LeaderHQ. Essential also is the placement on the map of any object (for example, an empty trigger) named RydHQ_Obj1. The location is entirely your choice. Its position will designate a target point which the Artificial Commander will try to conquer at first (for example, a spot near the leader of the opposing side).

Analogously, there should be placed in freely chosen areas (eg in cities, strategic positions or simply nearby opposite Leader) three other objectives (RydHQ_Obj2, RydHQ_Obj3, RydHQ_Obj4), which will be conquered in numerical order. If the mission designer wants less than four objectives, then simply place the unneeded objectives at same position as the ultimate objective.

For the script version only, to initialize HAL the following code should also be executed in some way, e.g., by placing the following script in the init field of any object (for example, in the activation field of an empty trigger or waypoint):

nul = [] execVM “RydHQInit.sqf”;

Alternatively, that line may be placed at the end of a mission’s init.sqf. Init.sqf is recommended place for init config variables (beacuse of better readability), especially for bigger configs, eg containing RHQ arrays.

See included manual for all details, and there is lots of them.



SoundSets (4)



– dismiss general Patton; (1.02)
– RHQ check feature; (1.02)
– fundamental code redesign to enable further development; (1.1)
– fix problem with medical support code;(1.1)
– online manual;
– recheck group’s behaviour under different behavior modes and movement speeds;
– code for effective usage of A3’s UAVs?;
– Change purpose of AOnly and ROnly variables. Groups except SF stored there should be used only for indicated kind of tasks (+ rest/def). Instead NoRecon and NoAttack variables introduced to cover former AOnly/ROnly function; (1.11)
– “FirstToFight” now cause also, that groups from this array will be chosen for proper for them attack from the all groups, that meet all conditions as first, despite distance order; (1.11)
– optional feature to set chosen units and groups as always known and/or unknown to the Leader, regardless of situation; (1.11)
– improved smoke and flares usage; (1.11)
– improved ammo count; (1.11)
– LOS check towards target area for position choosing for recon missions; (1.11)
– RHQ arrays for mortars, SP mortars and rocket arty for adding custom arty pieces under HAL’s artillery handler; (1.11)
– update class categories to A3 1.14; (1.11)
– optional setting for simultanous attack of each objective instead of succesive (?); (1.11)
– alternative (“Eastern Bloc” like) attack doctrine mode (?); (wip: 1.2)
– functionality for immediate termination of pending order execution code for chosen group (?); (1.11)
– Improved reliability of artillery handler; (1.11)
– Improved garrisoning code; (1.11)
– HAL’s class checks should be not case-sensitive (?);
– kind of cargo sent dependent on roads presence near embarking/disembarking positions… (?); (1.11)
– “live feed” with most urgent events on battlefield for Leader unit (?); (1.11)
– aerial evac for withdrawing groups (?); (1.11)
– headless client support whatever it is (?).



To all people, that helped me earlier with HAC and did first steps towards Hetman in A3 before me. But especially those, who funded me Arma 3 game, so I could release HAL so soon.



Created any kind of mission utilizing Hetman? Let me know, so I could link it here.



There still are some known small bugs, that I will eliminate ASAP. I also expect, that more bugs will be discovered by HAL users soon. Any feedback, ideas, bug reports are highly appreciated. This allows me to develop Hetman further and faster. You can expect even faster fixing, if bug is reported properly. That means exact and detailed description of the problem and circumstancies of its occurance, any suspicious RPT logs. In most cases crucial is provided repro mission. That means uploaded, ready-to-play mission without any addon dependencies except HAL (so also CBA, bug must occur without any other addons), where I can reliably see reported bug “in action”. Such repro is huge help. Helpful is also info about overall circumstancies, like kind of gameplay (single, server, dedi, client…), version of HAL (addon/script), game branch (stable/dev), if PC is good enough for Arma 3…



I’m with pleasure and satisfaction making scripts for free. This way it was, this way it remains. However fact is, I already spent many hundreds of work hours on scripting for Arma 2 and Arma 3 so far and this number is growing third year constantly. So, if you want financially appreciate my efforts, or simply have no idea, what to do with money – here is the place. I do not expect anything, but any, even symbolic donation would be very helpful and appreciated. Will be also a sign for me, so my work is appreciated and needed. So, if you want…



Addon was created “by player for players”, source scripts you can freely modify, copy, “cannibalize”, to use in your projects. It is released under APL-SA license. I’ll be grateful for notification about each such usage.

Enjoy being under control.


FLAY Hang Glider Mod

These are some screenshots from a hang glider mod I’m working on. I originally intended to release it for Arma 2, but the lack of pilot “IK” made it look horribly stiff. While the pilot animation still could need some work, I think it’s amazing what 2 memory points and 4 lines of config does (see video below).




2014-04-12 (version 0.4)

– Replaced hangglider assembly/disassembly with standard builtin version.
– Fixed issues with weapons (cluster bombs)
– Increased view angles slightly.

2014-01-08 (version 0.3)

– Fixed variometer sound not working in first person
– Removed disassemble option when inside vehicle
– Adjusted overall audio levels
– Added black hang glider variant (aka. Night Wing)
– Added Molotov cocktail
– Added Cluster bombs (Night Wing)
– Added Cluster mines (Night Wing)
– Hide FLAY_Thermal from editor (should use module instead)

2014-01-02 (version 0.2)

– Bundled pumpkin’s thermal/ridge lift script (thanks pumpkin).
– Fixed explosion on impact (thanks Sakura_Chan).
– Fixed smoke on damage (thanks super-truite).
– Fixed harness obstructing view in first-person.
– Fixed low poly wheels in first-person.
– Bundled Arma 2 wind noise (thanks BIS!)
– Clean-up scripts & config files.
– Variometer available as user action.
– Leaning animation forward & backward to gain reduce speed.


Space: Launch hang glider
Forward: Move forward (use shift to run)
Back: Move back.
Left: Move left (glider will fall over)
Right: Move right (glider will fall over)

Forward: increase speed (good for testing, may be removed)
Back: switch into landing state (holding back will decrease speed)
Shift+Space: Exit hang glider.

Known Issues

  • Variometer is silent when in first-person view.
  • Keys are not initialized properly when hang glider is spawned “flying” (i.e. not launched from ground).
  • No transitions between animations yet.
  • Possible to get stuck when exiting hang glider (“get in” usually takes care of it)
  • Horrid walking animations (not sure what can be done about it)
  • When doing a roll the pilot position flips over when going beyond 180 deg.
  • Hang glider will stall when going below approx 45 km/h without chance of recovery (thanks froggyluv, Magirot).


  • pumpkin for fn_soaring.sqf script (used in ridge lift module)
  • Sakura_Chan and super-truite for help resolving config issues.
  • BIS for a great game and excellent modding support.
  • Everyone maintaining the BIKI. Can’t imagine what modding would be like without it.
  • BRSSEB for the OFP Addon Tutorial Site
  • Clayman for the Arma 2 Animation Viewer
  • freesound for various sound effects.

It’s now licensed under APL-SA as it includes sound files from Arma 2.

FLAY HangGlider Mod v0.4

Skull Mask

It’s been a long time since I’ve dabbled with hats, so I wanted to do something a bit special.

A day one challenge, in where I try to make something half decent in a day, including sculpting a high poly model, retopo into a low poly, unwrapping, texturing, O2 stuff, config etc, it was a fun project and I hope to do more in the future.

Without further a due, I present the Skull Mask, it’s totally way better than my balaclava, and any cool people should really use this instead, I will be making another update soon so it actually has ballistic armour etc, so it’ll be quite functional as headgear.

Become a bonafide baddass today, or not, it’s up to you lady man.

Here is the download link with the usual open source goodies as well as the PBO:


Update 1: New download link, this doesn’t come with the source files, so you’ll still need to grab the first link if you want all that jazz, otherwise, here is the new PBO.

Changes include:

Fixed specular map
Added armour values, you’ll be saved ONCE, rarely twice when shot in the head, depending on caliber.
Added 2 more variants through hidden selections (red and green)
Hidden selections are now supported.

Enjoy, please leave feedback and have a good time killing shit!


Oh by the way, if you guys have an idea for any hats/masks/helmets etc, I’m open for suggestions, preferably stuff that I can sculpt with Zbrush (I’m trying to improve in that aspect).

U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

Unmanned Cargo & Support Vehicle (1.1)


This addon adds a new unit to the game. The U.C.S.V. (Unmanned Cargo and Support Vehicle). The purpose of this unity is simple: Transporting.
It is designed as a very flexible, lightweight and fast aerial unit to provide strong and efficient logistics support.

This is my very first addon for ARMA ever. So if there are any bugs, let me know.
Any feedback and critics are welcome and appreciated.

Update arrived!

Today I’ve finished v1.1 of the UCSV. First I have to say, the positive feedback was amazing! Thank you all for the support!
You may notice, that the hooking ability has been completeley removed. This is because of 3 reasons: I’m not very good at scripting stuff – I was glad that I got the first version to run actually (at least local, multiplayer didn’t work).
2nd: There are extremely great scripts out there, like LIFTER (the famous one from ACEMod) or BTC Logistics and plenty more. These scripts are much more advanced than what I did.
But! I’d really like to finish the UCSV with a builtin hooking functionality. If anybody who’s a crack at Scripting (especially locality in MP) reads this – I’d really like some help to get it working in Multiplayer.
3rd: Having two versions for basically 1 addon – sucks.

And as a compensation for the long time waiting for an update, here’s a little gift.
Many people in the Arma Community doing a lot of reskins and stuff – which is amazing! The diversity of skins has grown extremely, so here’s a little contribution, if some wants to reskin this mod.
You can download a small texture kit (Photoshop CS5 document), which holds all selections, the UV Set, AO/Cavitiy Maps, Dirt Layer, base texture etc. here:

ucsv_texture_kit.rar (~30MB).

And this is what you will find inside:

Okay, now here is the

  • fixed Shading
  • enhanced/reworked textures
  • additional texture added
  • more details added
  • flight model changed to helicopter behavior due the lack of an appropriate flight model
  • config has been completeley rewritten
  • Field Manual entry added
  • Mod-Descriptions & Graphics added
  • highly optimized all LODs
  • added flare launcher
  • added PiP functionality
  • adjusted pilot and optics view
  • adjusted general behavior to act more natural (fuel consumption, fuel amount, handling, etc.)
  • Wreck LOD added
  • Shadowcasting improved
  • size adjustments
  • clanlogo support added (in case BIS supports them sometime and removes UAV AI drivers – not functional right now)
  • removed hooking ability (please refer to available scripts like “LIFTER” or “Helicopter Transportation” until an update with hooking support gets released)
  • optimized performance
  • unnecessary nametags removed


  • UAV Unit, controllable via Terminal (FACTION >> Autonomous >> UCSV)
  • Usable with BluFor, OpFor and Independant Units
  • Thermal Image Texture included
  • 4 Resolution LODs
  • Customizable Textures
  • Signature Key included
  • Server Key included
  • Low Polycount

Should be Multiplayer compatible, although not tested – feedback highly appreciated!


As always – weird flight behavior. If anybody is willing to help me out with that – please drop me a note.


  • getting a scripted version to run
  • waiting for feedback


B_UCSV_01: BLUFOR >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V
B_UCSV_02: BLUFOR >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V. Silver
O_UCSV_01: OPFOR >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V.
I_UCSV_01: Independant >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V. Bumblebee
I_UCSV_02: Independant >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V.


Unmanned Cargo & Support Vehicle U.C.S.V. v1.1

Alternative: UCSV.rar (~13MB)
And the included readme.txt (1.1)

The new textures:


Sidenote: When I had the idea for this vehicle, I had almost no clue about the ARMA Engine and its Editing features. But as one can always learn new stuff, I decided to finish this project and put the Unit ingame. I literally absorbed the Biki, read hundreds of threads about SQF, O2 and so on and finally got here. Simply said, this project means to me: Learning by Doing. Once I understood the basic concepts of ARMA Editing and everything that belongs to it, it was pretty straight forward. So I hope, this note motivates other Editing “Newbies”.
It’s not that hard!
Also note (sad, but necessary): All assets and game models used within this mod must not be de-compiled or ripped under any circumstances. By using this mod you understand that the following models are property of the author and that the following must be adhered to. Alteration or using the files for anything other than their sole purpose must require the author’s permission.

(Initial, old post)

Hi community,

I recently started modeling a cargo drone because I thought, it would be nice to have such a thing ingame and a assign a special role to this unit.
The main function of this drone is limited to transporting small vehicles (Quads, etc.) and supply stuff (Ammo Crates, etc.). I think, this is the perfect extension of the current logistics system, especially for huge distances at Altis.

The main advantages:

  • Small unit, therefore small footprint
  • Quite fast and maneuverable
  • Fast transport of items over long distances

Though, there are some disadvantages:

  • Not very robust, so probability to lose cargo when vehicle is shot down
  • Can only transport small items
  • Flight characterisitcs change with cargo – therefore inconsistent handling

The design was influenced by Lockheed-Martin’s Transformer TX, which currently exists in various concept arts only. So I created one in 3D.
The game model itself has about 11.600 triangles, comes with 5-7 LODs and functions to hook the above mentioned units to the vehicle.
Currently, I’m tweaking the UV Maps, then I will bake it. After that, the texturing process will begin. I will keep this thread updated.

I would be glad, if someone would help me scripting the flight characteristics – I’m not sure if I can afford much time reading myself into the reference. So any help would be appreciated. (Especially for the dynamic mass/inertia calculation – my physic skills became a bit rusty ).

Please leave me some critics – good as well as bad, but be constructive. What do you think of this unit and its abilities/value?


I wanted to add some screenshots to this post, but it’s my first one. So I will post them in the second one.

———- Post added at 11:59 ———- Previous post was at 11:58 ———-

Curator Presets Mod

Curator Presets Mod

This is an addon for Arma 3 that provides script presets in Zeus (aka Curator) mode in the Modules screen. This mod is very simple but very useful now that Zeus has been released to Stable. I needed a way to run scripts on objects but not have to give debug console access both in the mission and to users in general. As a result I came up with this mod to help provide some extra utility to Zeus. It’s still very basic and needs a ton of work but I wanted to throw it out here for you guys to consume and try out.


This mod currently provides a number of utility functions through Zeus-enabled modules. The following is a list of the modules that I currently have implemented.

  • Artillery – Calls for artillery fire from the unit using coordinates, ammo type, and round count
  • CWS Injury Load – Loads Chessmaster’s Wounding System onto the unit
  • Damage Component – Damages the unit’s component based on the component selected and the damage slider
  • Helicopter Land – Calls the unit to land on the ground
  • Helicopter Hover – Calls the unit to decend low enough to get in
  • Unit Recruitable – Adds an action to the unit that allows players to recruit into their own group
  • Unit Speed – Sets the unit speed to limited, normal, or full based on the selection
  • Unit Surrender – Calls the unit to surrender
  • Vehicle Disembark – Calls the passengers, crew, or all units in the vehicle to disembark
  • Virtual Ammobox System – Loads the Virtual Ammobox System onto the unit/object

Currently these modules are in the Modules screen in Zeus under the Zeus category. I’m still working on a custom category but for now this is where the modules will be.


Current Version: 1.4
Source Repository: source


  • Armaholic
  • withSix

Known Issues

  • Surrendered units become unuseable after surrendering


  • v1.4 – Fixed global and persistent issues with some modules
  • v1.3 – Added Artillery and Vehicle Disembark modules, Fixed mod logo
  • v1.2 – Implemented config dialogs for Component Damage and Unit Speed
  • v1.1 – Added bisign keys, Fixed Curator messages, Added recruit unit module
  • v1.0 – Initial alpha release

SQF RCON Extension –

SQF RCON Extension
Release – v1.0 Alpha b3
By Naught

A remote SQF console addon and extension for Arma 2 & 3.

Bitbucket | Download | Source | Issues



This projects aims to create a simple method for remotely administering Arma servers in a way which has never been possible before. The game engine itself has been inaccessible to remote administrators, but now it’s possible to execute code and retrieve return values via this RCON extension.

Note that this project is currently in its alpha stage, so there’s a possibility for crippling bugs or issues. That aside, I test release each time for full functionality, so it’s relatively stable.

Remote Console

The remote console was designed for simplicity and extensibility, so it was built completely in web-standard languages such as HTML, CSS, and javascript. This allows it to be completely customizable and accessible on nearly all machines.

Since the console is built using the aforementioned web-standard methods, you can host the console on an external web server for global access from many administrators. You may also custom-skin and edit the console to your desire to fit your needs!


The extension was programmed in C++ to allow direct communication between the game engine and the backend Mongoose webserver. The latter is a super-light high-performance HTTP web server which handles the RESTful RCON requests and sends them to Arma.

The extension was designed to not only accept requests from the standard remote console described above, but from any program which can make HTTP POST requests. This means that any developer can create a program which interacts with Arma externally through the RCON protocol described in the developer documentation below.


You can download the latest version of the SQF RCON addon by visiting the repository’s downloads section.


SQF RCON requires either Arma 2 OA 1.62 or Arma 3 1.00 or greater, along with any compatible version of CBA.


  1. Download the latest version of the SQF RCON addon by referencing the above heading.
  2. Copy the “@sqfrcon” folder to your Arma addons directory, which is most likely your Arma installation folder.
  3. Either add the addon to your favorite Arma launcher (such as play.withSix) or to your -mods command-line argument.
  4. Go to the extracted “@sqfrconsqfrcon.cfg” file and edit the configuration to your desired need. The file is extensively commented for ease-of-use.
  5. Start the game and load a mission to allow for the remote console to connect.
  6. Open the console by navigating to “@sqfrconconsole” and opening the “index.html” file in your browser of choice.

Developer Documentation

  • RCON Protocol Specification
  • Extension Documentation

Possible Use Cases

  • Replacement for deprecated Gamespy protocol to retrieve server statistics.
  • Web-based after action battle recorder and playback.
  • In-game player review system with accompanying external database and web application.
  • Remote connection to another game (such as Steel Beasts or Falcon BMS).
  • Interaction with forum/community software or Teamspeak.
  • And so many more…

RWCO: Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul


This mod is intended to bring some much needed enhanced gameplay and realism to the helicopters of Arma 3.

I release this under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

Special thanks:
-Aplion: For his work importing Arma 2 Helicopters.
-Olds: For useful advice on writing configs.
-Niipaa: For his A3B Arcade Helicopters mod, which I dissected in the process of learning how to modify vehicle configs.

What’s In Alpha 1?:

AH-99 Blackfoot:
-Laser designator added
-DAGR is now SALH (Semi-Active Laser Homing), can only lock onto laser targets and can no longer be manually guided.
-DAGR warhead rebalanced. Less effective vs. armor, more effective vs. infantry.

KA-48 Kajman:
-Skalpel ATGM is now SACLOS (Semi-Active Command Line of Sight) and based on Vikhr missile. Does not lock onto targets and must be manually guided*.

AH-64 (Requires A2 Helicopter Import by Aplion):
-Laser designator added
-Hellfires divided into two types: AGM-114N, AGM-114L
-AGM-114N: SALH, can only lock onto laser targets and can no longer be manually guided. Does less damage vs. armor targets but has greater slash damage. Can be used in two trajectories. DIR: Missile flies directly towards target. HI: Missile flies up initially and then descends toward target.
-AGM-114L: Millimeter wave radar seeker, can lock onto vehicle targets (but not lasers). Does high damage against armor targets but low splash damage.

*While technically laser-guided, the Vikhr works differently from the SALH Hellfire. The Vikhr works by laser beam-riding, meaning the laser sensors point backward towards the helicopter and attempt to keep the missile on the path marked by the laser. This is effectively more similar to other kinds of SACLOS missiles than it is to SALH.

Planned Features:

Enhanced Laser Designation:

-Laser designators added to all gunships.
-Laser guided weapons will only lock-on to lasers (I’m looking at you, DAGR).
-Remote designation via laser code system.

Advanced Missile Guidance:

-Different missile types (SALH, MM Wave Radar, SACLOS) will behave differently
-Advanced trajectories for SALH missiles

Improved AA Threats:

-RPGs edited to fire at helicopters.
-AA vehicles will detect and engage player at higher ranges.

Kaelies’ South Zagorian Army Mod

(Click screenshots for full resolution and quality)



South Zagorian Army
Download (429 MB)
(Version 0.3.2)
ArmaHolic Link (v0.3.2)

Language Addon (130 MB)

Alternate download:



South Zagoria
Soldiers relaxing; the two in khaki vests are reminiscing about older days in their old uniforms.

This addon aims to create a fictional army based upon the South Zagorian/Chernarussian region that has been created in ArmA 2, and is based upon fictional events which occur after the fictional events which originally occured in ArmA 2. This army utilizes mainly modifications of Afghanistan-era Soviet Arms, thanks to control of a few factories in the northern part of Chernarus. This release has infantry units and a UAZ, other vehicles will come later.

A basic summary is as follows: After the ChDKZ forces were largely subdued by the combined USMC/CDF presence, a small pocket was capable of gaining strong support from Russia to take back the region of Chernarus, recieving support in the form of funds and arms, under the condition that the new army obey international laws. This new South Zagorian Army is meant to distance itself from the war crimes commited by the ChDKZ.

These units should be compatible with ALiVE, please inform me if they do not work properly.


CDF and Takistani Army units are also present, using the AK-74 and AKM, respectively. They are on BluFor and OpFor, respectively, and are meant to be the main enemies of the South Zagorian Army, bordering it on the South and West, respectively.

Soldiers being inspected by an officer. The front two have been modernized already, while the two in the back are still using the old equipment.

A large group of soldiers undergoing a last inspection by their officer before heading out.

-Made more realistic ballistics and multiple ammo types for all calibers used in the addon:
-Added Modernized CDF, with western themes and new uniform
-Added Modernized South Zagoria, with new uniform
-Added AK-101
-Added m16a2, m16a3, m16a4, m16a5 (fictional, FA variant), m4, m4a1
-Added Scar-L, Scar-H in short/standard/long variants
-Added XM8
-Added FN FAL, Ishapore 2A (Lee-enfield in 7.62×51 NATO)
-Added m249 Saw, m249 para, M240
-Added PKM
-Added SVD, Mk12
-Added GP-25 to all weapons capable of supporting it
-Added PSO optic in 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x fixed versions
-Added variable-zoom PSO in 2x-6x, 3x-9x, and 4x-12x versions
-Groups have been changed to make each faction more unique and realistic
-Squad leaders and other units who have optics now generally start with their optic on the rifle
-1p78 can now switch between day-reticle and night-reticle by zooming in/out

Old Versions:

No requirements
A magazine-repacking addon such as Outlawled’s is recommended, though

Known Issues:


Diplomatic Relationships of South Zagoria:

Extra Screenshots:

Bohemia Interactive Studios:
For the great game of ArmA, and for the sample models which have been used for this addon

For the AK and 30mm cannon sounds, and for help with configuring them

For his great Ballistics Calculator

N-B U.S.M.C Project

the Nunez-Burgess Unites States Marine Corps Mod

-United Nations
-USAF Basic units

-Notice this mod has no connection to any realism unit-
Campaign Backstory In a nutshell
1st of 3 Altisian Civil wars, AAF forces have started killing UN investigators to cover their violent acts, but as they kill 130+ people in the Kavala Massacare The UN calls upon NATO for assistance, the USS Bonhomme Richard carrying the 31st MEU arrives at altis, and the campaign begins

AntioneFlemming: Templates
Alduric:Fixing our AH-1Z
RobertHammer: AR-15s and Attachments for them.
Bohemia Interactive Studios: The wonderful game and the Models to do what we are accomplishing.

Campaign Voice Actors

NOTICE, if you wanna get your name on the credits, how bout you sign up for a voice acting job in the NBUSMC campaign (against AAF, no CSAT allowed them syfy bugs) just PM atin for the link

USMC Motto: Semper Fidelis (Semper Fi)
Mod Screenshots (showing stuff for next update)
this shows the units Left to right
Units-USMC Winter, USMC Desert, USAF JTAC (for A-10N), USMC woodland…CB391883AE92F/…2F7DB6ABBB28B/

-Mirror 1. ArmAholic
-Mirror 2. Dropbox


important notice…There is no BIsign or Groups for the mod during the alpha and will be added later when Atin finds out how to make that stuff

RH M4/M16 pack
Optional: RQ-11B
V.009 Alpha
-First Release
V.009A Alpha
-FR added
-NATO vests
-Texture Updates
known issues
-M27 IAR is not working properly

Madman Tracking System by “Madman” Mason and Alexander Knight

The Madman Tracking System

Its basiclly a marker-system wich shows up all units of a side if the are defined.
To define a unit simply add this to the init of the Leader {_x setVariable [“an”, “Your-Callsign-Here”];} ForEach units group this;
Be sure u set individual callsigns for every group
Also are PDF wich is more detailed is included in the zip File.
Download: http://codelist.knight-industries.or…page=qfscripts
Our Clan:

MCC Sandbox 3 – Dynamic mission creating tool for ArmA 3

We are proud to present you the new version of MCC called MCC Sandbox 4 (beta). MCC Sandbox 4 holds a compete new GUI and complete new AI system GAIA.
Since we did not want to hold the release for video’s, large words files and professional art, here you have it. So stay tuned this week for detailed information on how to get the most out of this release! (video instruction)

Highlights and need to knows
• Complete new GUI that gives full control to the mission maker from a map perspective.
• Open 3D Editor by ALT-mouse click.
• Units controlled by GAIA (new AI) show up with a G in their name on the map.
• Send any non GAIA controlled group to GAIA by just clicking ‘GIVE TO GAIA’. The group will now be controlled by GAIA in the given zone (left of button) and behavior (left of button).
• Multiple group select and manual waypoints. (manual waypoints cancel GAIA).
• Spice up your existing missions with fully AI controlled mortar, artillery, CAS and air patrols.
• Notice aggressive attacks from AI that prevent you from lazy ‘Duck shooting’ sessions.
• See what the AI does (GAIA) as it generates waypoints, that you can update and cancel whenever you like.
• GAIA get’s her target information from any unit on the map, including not under GAIA control. (so even players on the same side of GAIA).
• GAIA can play against GAIA. Each side can be run completely seperate.
• GAIA can be used seperate from MCC (as long as you have the addon) in your exisiting missions (video on how to will be there next couple of days)
• More……

Help us keep MCC alive:


About GAIA in MCC
GAIA stands for Greater Artificial Intelligence. Ever since I typed my first 2 lines of MCC code it has been going through my mind. What if the AI did…? Why isn’t this….? …..These and a zillion other questions have haunted me for too long. GAIA is my answer to most of these questions. So, now you know my personal motivation, let’s move on to the system itself. This document tries to focus on the intent of GAIA and the design decisions that have been made. I won’t try to explain how all of the code works, but after reading this document you should have a clear understanding of what GAIA stands for, what choices she makes and how she operates.

GAIA can best be seen as a higher level lead organization that is tasked to make all groups work towards (a) common goal(s). GAIA does not improve and tries not to influence the behavior at group level.
So what is it that GAIA wants? The main goal of GAIA is to defend territory.

To do that she makes sure that:
• All assets are used intelligently. Know your units, what can they do, what are their weaknesses.
• Responses to threat are in proportion. Do not send more troops then needed, but also make sure it is enough to deal with the opposing threat.
• Understand the priorities. The closer a threat is to the center of the territory (zone), the higher the priority.

In future versions of GAIA goals will be expanded and might even grow to fully commanding offensive battles.

More about GAIA in MCC and how to use it:…%20Release.pdf

You’ll get:
3D editor – You can place units and object in 3D save them, load them, add some unique presets for them.

Group generator – You can create any custom made group you’ll like and place on the battlefield, plus you can control any MCC’s placed or preplaced AI group and give it new waypoints and behaviors.

Box Generator – Spawn a box with any items, weapons etc. you’d like.
Set time and weather – Change the mission set and atmosphere.

Client setting – Client’s can adjust view distance and grass density to save some CPU load.

MCC Zones – Everything in MCC is connected to zones AI will patrol zones, attack, lay ambushes, garrison buildings and more (UPSMON behavior)

Benchmark tools and Debug tools – Check local, server and HC server FPS, open BIS debug console send some code online using the command line.

Close Air Support – Call for many different types of CAS from gun-runs, rockets runs, AT attack, AA attack etc.

Artillery support – Call for even many more artillery support as DPICM, HE, flares smoke etc.

MCC Console – Let a player control support aspects as UAV, Evac, artillery and even AC-130.

IED – Place IEDs that are only detonated by spotters or pressyre plates. Place ambush groups link it to an IED or link IED together to create a daisy chain effect. Define if an IED radio trigger can be scrambled by specific vehicles.

Armed Civilans – Place arme civilans that will suprise the players as the approch and open fire. The players can neutralize and even capture the armed civilians.

Suicide Bombers – Place Suicide bombers that will chase the players and explode once they get near.

Convoy Generator – Create custom AI convoy that will keep in formation and even spawn with HVT inside.

Unit Managment – Manage any units on the battlefield. Hijack and play as any AI, teleport the AI, make them do a HALO jump and more.

Custom AI Behavior – UPSMON and BIS tasks, AI will fortify in buildings, place mines, throw smoke grenades, use empty vehicles, supress with automatic rifles, flank and much more.

IED, Minefields, Armed Civilians and Suicide Bombers – Diverse you battlefield with advanced IED module, place an IED connect it to a spotter or make it proximity mine. Determine the time it will take disarm it, how far unit should be close to it to get it off, what kind of damage will it make, do we want to kill the players, scare them or wound them?

MCC is a tool build for MP and dedicated servers, any thing you’ll do will be done on the remote server or on the Headless Client and not locally on the player client.

That way this tool can support lots of players and abuse as it doesn’t strain the client.

You can restrict MCC to admin only, players or roles.

MCC supports BIS Headless Client.

As mentioned above, its a Beta. We realize the product is not perfect, but with your help we will make it perfect. So dont be shy!

How do I use this?
Well once you’ll start a mission, any mission you’ll have mission generator action in the action menu. Just click it.

Tutorials to MCC 3 (a bit old but it including installation) by ConnorG

Large scale dynamic missions on Jester814 Youtube’s channel

You can find an old (MCC 2) PDF manual here (or inside the installation folder):…manual-mmc.pdf

Download Link – MP Mission version – Stratis:…ox.Stratis.pbo

Download Link – MP Mission version – Altis:…dbox.altis.pbo

Download Link – MP/SP Mod version:…cc_sandbox.rar

Download Link – Template mission:…20missions.rar

Adjusting the mod or mission
In the mission version just edit the init.sqf file.
In the mod version add this to the init.sqf in the mission you are playing and edit the parameters as you see fit:

MCC YouTube Channel:…CKz7ijyxXpKUnw

you can overwrite this init by making your own init or changing it in the mission version:


Artificial intelligence Support System! Released


AISS (Artificial Intelligence Support System)

Mikey74 Lead coder, but by no means an expert!!! lol
XMDM Testing, advice, and keeping me in line.
Johny97 Helping me look at this through a teenagers eyes.

Testers for AISS:
N_Icomach,and the 72nd ODA

My short description of this would be: Combining arms of arma3.

Description and instructions for use of AISS2:

Delete any previous AISS mods.
Put AISS2 (userconfig folder) in a folder called userconfig.
Place @AISS2 folder in your mod folder. There are a few links on that tell you the best way of doing this.
Make sure @AISS is selected in your mod manager and enjoy.


Przemro, and N_Icomach and the 72nd ODA for testing and advice on servers and what they see. Without there help I’d miss a lot more than I already do. Thanks guys!!!
I also want to include Das Attorney for his valuable tips about coding, and he wrote the window/door part of my Garrison script.

************ The Addon and script ************…erverReady.rar

AISS2 Alpha Release 3

AISS2 Now Server ready!!!!!
There may be few bugs I may have to work out but fully tested couple times and so far so good.
Fixed XAISS undefined variable error.
Few other minor fixes I cannot remember.


Convert AI SQF’s to FSM’s for stability and performance.

Add more features for AI and immersion.

Set it up where you can combine certain modules. IE Garrison and support So a group that goes into Garrison will leave its Garrison and go support another units if its called.

AISS2 Alpha Release 2.1.2

Fixed excluded groups. They were taken out of every pool except supporting pool. This is fixed. Keep in mind that Vanilla troops are not that stupid. If Artillery is going off around them or big explotions they will change to combat behavior, but this will not be AISS telling them to do so. AISS doesnt change combat stance except with mechs and Garrisoning troups to make them mount and dismount more efficiantly.
Add user configs options for you to decide what strength enemy vs AI should be in order to call for support.

AISS2 Alpha Release 2.1.1

Fixed Patrol script
Patrol script recognizes better userconfig definitions of patrol distance.
Vehicle units no longer get out then back in to go on a patrol.
Patroling units will patrol several waypoints return back to original postion and gain a different set of patroling waypoints. Keeps things interesting imho.

AISS2 Combining Arma Alpha 2.1

AISS2 Alpha Release 2.1

Added option in user configs for using AISS2 module or AISS2 starting automatically
Added a module for editor placed buildings.
updated Intruction_mission with new options and modules.
couple other small tweaks

AISS2 Combining Arms Alpha 2


Through out AISS1 and started over.
Rewritten from ground up.

************ Stuff to know disclaimer ************

This is an addon. Just unzip the file and place the @AISS folder in your mods collection folder.
I also have the script in the addons folder its in another AISS folder it has all you would need to make it your own addon if you so decide to change some stuff. Feel free to do with as you please. But share 😛 as Im still learning and if I like the changes and you are ok with it. I’ll incorporate it in.

The sounds are from JSRS sound mod 2.0

*********** Requirments ***********

“2013-12-17 13:48 Posted by wllmshrwn AISS download section

This is the best AI Mod I’ve ever used since I started playing Arma. The AI truly operate independent of the mission creator once the mission begins; every mission they respond differently; the artillery barrages are horrific; every game play is unique. Thanks and keep up the good work!This Mod rocks.”

If you would like to be added to testimonials let me know


Copyright © 2016. APC Technology Group. All Rights Reserved.


Summary reportDiagnosisDensity667n/a

TPW MODS: enhanced realism/immersion for Arma 3 SP

TL;DR – Single highly configurable mod for enhanced realism and immersion in Arma 3 SP


  • Dropbox (guaranteed latest version)
  • Armaholic
  • Plays with Six


[ANIMALS 1.32, BOATS 1.24, CARS 1.34, CIVS 1.33, HOUSELIGHTS 1.07, PARK 1.08, RADIO 1.14, STREETLIGHTS 1.01] Redundant civilian, house and sun angle code moved out to TPW CORE, for reduced code size and improved efficiency and ease of updating.
[CORE 1.00] See above.
[HUD 1.10] Unit scanning effectiveness reduced at longer range.
[FOG 1.17] Lower temperature if overcast.

[HUD 1.09] HUD element structured text may now be edited in the TPW_MODS.hpp. Ctrl-H resets HUD functions while adjusting brightness, and can be used to remove icon glitches which can appear after certain loading of save game conditions.
[STREETLIGHTS 1.01] Changes to streetlight colour selection.
[FOG 1.16] Lowered maximum temperature for ground/breath fog to 10degC.
[RADIO 1.13] Uses addmusicevenhandler, should cause fewer conflicts with other jukebox scripts.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[HUD 1.08] Fixed sporadic HUD flickering issues.

[HUD 1.07] Velocity displayed in knots when in aircraft. HUD icons rotate according to unit stance. HUD icons displayed over approximate centre-of-mass of each unit.

[HUD 1.06] HUD will not display units/markers closer than a user specified distance.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[FOG 1.15] User defined fog settings are respected if ground fog and rain fog are disabled.
[HUD 1.05] HUD displays map placed markers whose description begins with “!!” (no quotes). HUD correctly positioned after team switching.
Brain dead developer uploaded incorrect hpp file. Please either redownload mod with correct hpp, or copy the values from here

[AIR 1.25] Will spawn any aircraft, regardless of mods (thanks to Larrow for class based aircraft detection code).
[HUD 1.04] Structured text in HUD elements for improved aesthetics. HUD displays un-named map placed markers.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[ALL] Moduload expempt.

[ALL] All TPW MODS now work when resuming save games – Thanks to Killzone for the inspiration.
[HUD 1.03] HUD will work during team switching. HUD no longer interferes with other scripts using oneachframe.
[AIR 1.24] Bug fix – will not try to spawn helicopters that aren’t in the config.

[HUD 1.02] All HUD elements can be individually sized and placed. HUD can be scaled and offset. Enemies correctly coloured if playing as OPFOR. Compass points on AZT display.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[BLEEDOUT 1.10] Player will no longer automatically stand after healing
[HUD 1.01] HUD will initialise if TPW FOG not active. No HUD in 3rd person or on map.

[BLEEDOUT 1.09] More efficient eventhandler based healing detection. Properly handle configuration values for crouching, prone and incapacitation.
[HUD 1.00] HUD when player is wearing tactical goggles.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

Full changelog


Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah

Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah and a Generic Middle East faction
version 029

Now with CSAT placeholder vehicles (big thanks to Sudden for his vehicle configs).
Also features addons for Reyhard’s Static East Weapons, T-72, BMP-1 and BMP-2, T-55 and Shilka and Sudden’s BTR-60, BRDM-2, Ural and UAZ.

Download v029 (7.95 MB)

Massi’s NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz WEAPONS for A3
Sudden’s East vs West mod
Reyhard’s Static East Weapons pack AND Reyhard’s Tank Pack

Optional (will provide more variety to headgear)
Massi’s African Conflict
Cunico’s Hidden Identity Pack v1
Kiory’s balaclava expanded

Recommended enemies:
Middle East Irregulars (Al Qaida, FSA, etc)

ALIVE factions:

PHP Code:

Class names:

Textures: Chops
Config: Drongo
Config assistance: Sudden

You may reverse-engineer this addon for your personal use. You may NOT distribute altered versions of this addon without my written permission. You may NOT use this addon or any derivatives thereof in any way for monetary gain. You may NOT use this addon or derivatives thereof as part of any submission to any contest or any kind (especially not for the “Make Arma Not War” contest by BIS).

Luật chơi đá gà cựa sắt

Có thể nói hiện nay việc chơi đá gà campuchia nó đã trở thành một trong những trò chơi quá quen thuộc trong giới cá cược đá gà hiện nay, nhưng những người mới bước mới chơi thì chưa hiểu rõ, nắm bắt được hết luật chơi đá gà mới nhất. Bài viết này nhằm chia sẻ với anh em những kinh nghiệm của mình về đá gà cựa sắt.

Luật chơi đá gà nòi

Hai chiến kê phải cùng hạng cân với nhau
Mỗi 1 hồ là 15′ sau 15′ gà được nghỉ 5′ rồi đánh tiếp, gà đang đánh mà một con chết tức là thua, mồm la chân chạy là thua
Trong một hồ mà chiến kê không cắn không đá là thua, nhảy cót liên tục, không đá là thua
Gà chấp mỏ được vay hồ 2 lần, mỗi lần vay 5′, gà đứng 9 hồ 5′ thì 2 chủ gà có quyền nói chuyện Ngổ Hòa

Đây là luật chơi của đá gà chọi vì thế anh em phải biết và nhớ những luật chơi này khi tham gia đấu trường đá gà trực tuyến nhé, tuy nhiên thì mỗi đấu trường lại có luật khác nhau, cái này thì bạn nên trải nhiệm thực tế thì mới có thể biết được, đơn giản như luật Miền Bắc, và Miền Nam và đá gà peru, đá gà campuchia nó sẽ khác nhau 1 phần về luật chơi như sẽ khác về mặt Hạng Nặng – trên 4 kg, hạng trung – từ 3 đến 4 kg, hạng nhẹ – dưới 3 ký đây là điểm khác nhau rõ ràng nhất.

Luật đá gà mỹ thì như nào ?

Về luật đá gà mỹ thì cũng tương tự như luật đá gà chọi thương thôi, cũng được chia ra theo các thứ hạng như trên. Đá gà mỹ, đá gà peru hay đá gà campuchia mới nhất thì trận đấu thường diễn ra một cách nhanh chóng, những chiến kê khi tham gia vào đá gà cựa sắt sẽ phải mang lên mình những chiếc cựa sắt (cựa dao) sắc nhọn. Với những chiếc cựa này thì chiến kê có thể lấy mạng đối thủ chỉ trong một đòn chuẩn xác, điều đó cũng giải thích vì sao mà những trận đá gà cựa sắt thường diễn ra chóng vánh.

Hình thức chơi này được rất nhiều người đam mê và hiện nay nó cũng đang trở lên càng ngày càng hot trong những cuộc đá gà cựa sắt. Cùng theo đó là công nghệ thông tin ngày càng phát triển nên hình thức đá gà ăn tiền trực tuyến được những nhà cái cá cược mở ra.

Một trong những nhà cái ca cuoc da ga hàng đầu Việt Nam phải kể đến như UCW88, M8win, S128 đá gà.Khi đá gà trực tuyến thì bạn không phỉa lo nhiều về mánh khóe lừa bịp vì tất cả nhà cái, đấu trường đều hết sức công minh, tiêu trí công bằng được đặt lên hàng đầu.

Nhưng có điều bạn cần phải phòng tránh khi tham gia những trường đấu đá gà trực tuyến vì có rất nhiều trường gà họ có rất nhiều cách bịp khác nhau, họ có thể chơi thuốc độc, hoặc có thể cháo cựa của bạn và đâm nén vào chân gà của bạn làm chân gà bị đau và không bao giờ đá bay lên được.

Những cách bịp thì bạn cần phải tìm hiểu mình chỉ nêu trên đây thôi còn về vấn đề thì bạn cần phải tìm hiểu kỹ về nó nhé. Tốt nhất bạn nên tìm một nhà cái, một trường gà đáng tin cậy.

Phải nói rằng trong đấu trường đá gà cựa sắt có vô vàn kiểu chơi nhưng để có cuộc chơi bạn cần phải tu bổ cho mình những kiến thức vô cùng bổ ích đó khi mỗi lần tham gia trận đấu để bạn còn biết những luật chơi mỗi địa phương khác nhau.

7m Phát triển hệ thống HETMAN quản lý nhân tạo

7m là gì? là website cập nhật kết quả, tỉ số bóng đá nhanh nhất tại Trung Quốc. Đây là website được nhiều dân cá độ chuyên nghiệp lựa chọn trước khi đưa ra quyết định đặt cược vào đội bóng nào. 7m china cung cấp thông tin thống kê chi tiết nhất về lịch sữ đối đầu của 2 đội, phong độ gần đây, lịch thi đấu tiếp theo của từng đội bóng, đội hình ra sân. Với những thông số trên bạn hoàn toàn có thể dự đoán chính xác kết quả của mình đang quan tâm.

7m Phát triển hệ thống HETMAN quản lý nhân tạo

Phát hành HAL 1.14. 

HAL 1.14 (Armaholic) 
HAL 1.14 (Dropbox) 
HAL 1.14 (Zippyshare)


Tương tự như HAC cho Arma 2, HAL có ý định làm sinh động cuộc chiến của Arma 3 giống như cách mà một nhà lãnh đạo con người sẽ vận hành. HAL không giải quyết cách thực hiện đơn đặt hàng (mức đơn vị), nhưng chủ yếu liên quan đến việc ban hành đơn đặt hàng. Nói cách khác, addon này cho phép một hoặc cả hai bên của một xung đột một AI cấp chỉ huy cấp trường.

Addon “HAL” là sự tiếp nối của HAC của A2 đối với Arma 3. HAL 1.0 chỉ đơn giản là chuyển HAC 1.46 từ Arma 2 sang Arma 3. Nếu bạn quen với HAC, bạn đã sẵn sàng để đi. Những người khác nên kiểm tra bao gồm các bài tập hướng dẫn sử dụng và giới thiệu. HAL tương đối dễ sử dụng cơ bản, nhưng cung cấp nhiều tính năng tùy chọn và khả năng cấu hình, làm cho công cụ làm việc HAL linh hoạt, nhưng cũng khá phức tạp. Rất ít thứ đã được thay đổi so với HAC 1.46 (MP, thông báo lệnh, artillery, một số biến config …). Tuy nhiên các phiên bản tương lai của HAL có thể giới thiệu các chức năng mới dựa trên các tính năng được cung cấp bởi Arma 3.

Một trong những mục tiêu quan trọng nhất của addon này là để giữ mức độ tương thích cao với các addons khác, đặc biệt là những người mở rộng khả năng của AI cho các đơn vị và các nhóm. Kiểm soát HAL chủ yếu dựa vào việc phát ra các điểm tham chiếu, và càng nhiều càng tốt, HAL tránh được sự can thiệp của cấp độ thấp. Nói cách khác, HAL tập trung vào việc đưa ra các đơn đặt hàng chứ không phải là cách thực hiện lệnh.

HAL cung cấp AI mới, mức cao hơn, thay vì thay đổi AI hiện có. Chỉ có rất ít trường hợp ngoại lệ đối với quy tắc này, và nói chung là không bắt buộc. HAL nên làm phong phú thêm trải nghiệm chơi game với các tính năng mới, không có xung đột với các addons khác. HAL được dự định để bổ sung cho hiệu ứng của họ hơn là cạnh tranh với họ để kiểm soát các đơn vị (ít nhất là cho những addons mà không gây rối với waypoints).

HAL có thể phục vụ như là một máy phát trận chiến ngay tức thì cũng như một đối thủ chơi chung, hoặc là cơ sở cho các nhiệm vụ phức tạp và / hoặc các chế độ gameplay.

Phiên bản Addon yêu cầu Community Base Addons .





Để kích hoạt HAL ở một bên, một trong các đơn vị bên phải phải là LeaderHQ. Essential cũng là vị trí trên bản đồ của bất kỳ đối tượng nào (ví dụ, một trình kích hoạt sản phẩm nào) có tên RydHQ_Obj1. Địa điểm hoàn toàn là sự lựa chọn của bạn. Vị trí của nó sẽ chỉ định một điểm mục tiêu mà Commander Nhân tạo sẽ cố gắng chinh phục ở vị trí đầu tiên (ví dụ, một điểm gần vị trí lãnh đạo của đối phương).

Tương tự như vậy, nên đặt trong các khu vực được lựa chọn tự do (ví dụ ở các thành phố, các vị trí chiến lược hoặc chỉ đơn thuần ở gần vị trí đối diện Leader) ba mục tiêu khác (RydHQ_Obj2, RydHQ_Obj3, RydHQ_Obj4), sẽ bị chinh phục theo thứ tự số. Nếu nhà thiết kế nhiệm vụ muốn ít hơn bốn mục tiêu, sau đó chỉ cần đặt các mục tiêu không cần thiết ở cùng vị trí như mục tiêu cuối cùng.

Chỉ với phiên bản kịch bản, để khởi tạo HAL, mã sau cũng nên được thực hiện theo một cách nào đó, ví dụ bằng cách đặt đoạn mã sau trong trường init của bất kỳ đối tượng nào (ví dụ: trong trường kích hoạt của một trình kích hoạt hoặc điểm không hoạt động):

nul = [] execVM “RydHQInit.sqf”; 

Ngoài ra, đường đó có thể được đặt vào cuối init.sqf của một nhiệm vụ. Init.sqf là địa chỉ cho các biến init config (vì khả năng đọc tốt hơn), đặc biệt đối với các cấu hình lớn hơn, ví dụ như chứa các mảng RHQ.

Xem hướng dẫn sử dụng bao gồm tất cả các chi tiết, và có rất nhiều trong số đó.





Âm thanh (4)




– bác bỏ tướng Patton; (1.02)
– tính năng kiểm tra RHQ; (1.02)
– thiết kế lại mã cơ bản để phát triển hơn nữa; (1.1)
– sửa vấn đề với mã hỗ trợ y tế; (1.1)

– hướng dẫn sử dụng trực tuyến;
– kiểm tra lại hành vi của nhóm dưới các chế độ hành vi khác nhau và tốc độ di chuyển;
mã cho việc sử dụng có hiệu quả các UAV của A3;

– Thay đổi mục đích của các biến AOnly và ROnly. Các nhóm trừ SF được lưu trữ ở đó chỉ được sử dụng cho các tác vụ được chỉ định (+ nghỉ ngơi / def). Thay vào đó, các biến NoRecon và NoAttack giới thiệu để bao hàm chức năng AOnly / ROnly cũ; (1,11)

– “FirstToFight” bây giờ cũng gây ra, các nhóm từ mảng này sẽ được chọn cho phù hợp cho họ tấn công từ tất cả các nhóm, đáp ứng tất cả các điều kiện như là người đầu tiên, mặc dù khoảng cách; (1.11)
– tính năng tùy chọn để thiết lập các đơn vị và nhóm đã được chọn như đã biết và / hoặc không biết về Leader, bất kể tình huống nào; (1,11)
– cải tiến việc sử dụng khói và pháo sáng; (1,11)
– tăng số lượng đạn; (1.11)
– Kiểm tra LOS đối với khu vực mục tiêu cho vị trí được lựa chọn cho nhiệm vụ tái thiết; (1.11)
– Đĩa RHQ cho vữa, vữa SP và rocket arty để thêm các miếng thủ công tuỳ theo trình xử lý pháo binh của HAL; (1,11)
– cập nhật loại hạng sang A3 1,14; (1,11)
– Thiết lập tùy chọn cho cuộc tấn công đồng thời của mỗi mục tiêu thay vì kế tiếp (?); (1,11)
– phương thức thay thế (“Khối Đông như”) tấn công (?); (lau: 1.2)
– chức năng chấm dứt ngay mã lệnh thực hiện lệnh đang chờ xử lý cho nhóm đã chọn (?); (1.11)
– Cải thiện độ tin cậy của pháo binh xử lý; (1,11)
– Cải thiện mã đồn trú; (1.11)
– Kiểm tra lớp của HAL không được phân biệt chữ hoa chữ thường (?);
– loại hàng hoá được gửi đi phụ thuộc vào sự hiện diện của đường gần các vị trí đón / xuống tàu … (?); (1.11)
– – “thức ăn sống” với hầu hết các sự kiện khẩn cấp trên chiến trường cho Đơn vị lãnh đạo (?); (1.11)
– hỏa thiêu trên không để rút các nhóm (?);(1,11)
– hỗ trợ khách hàng không đầu tư bất cứ điều gì (?).





Đối với tất cả mọi người, điều đó đã giúp tôi trước đó với HAC và đã làm bước đầu tiên hướng tới Hetman ở A3 trước tôi. Nhưng đặc biệt là những người đã tài trợ cho tôi trò chơi Arma 3, vì vậy tôi có thể giải phóng HAL sớm như vậy.





Tạo ra bất kỳ loại nhiệm vụ sử dụng Hetman? Hãy cho tôi biết, vì vậy tôi có thể liên kết nó ở đây.





Vẫn còn một số lỗi nhỏ được biết đến, rằng tôi sẽ loại bỏ ASAP. Tôi cũng mong đợi rằng, sẽ có nhiều lỗi hơn được phát hiện bởi người sử dụng HAL sớm. Mọi phản hồi, ý tưởng, báo cáo lỗi đều được đánh giá cao. Điều này cho phép tôi phát triển Hetman hơn và nhanh hơn. Bạn có thể mong đợi thậm chí sửa chữa nhanh hơn, nếu lỗi được báo cáo đúng. Điều đó có nghĩa là mô tả chính xác và chi tiết về vấn đề và hoàn cảnh xảy ra, bất kỳ bản ghi RPT đáng ngờ nào. Trong hầu hết các trường hợp, cốt yếu được cung cấp repro mission. Điều đó có nghĩa là tải lên, sẵn sàng để phát nhiệm vụ mà không có bất kỳ phụ thuộc addon trừ HAL (do đó, cũng CBA, lỗi phải xảy ra mà không có bất kỳ addons khác), nơi tôi có thể tin cậy báo cáo được báo cáo lỗi “trong hành động”. Repro như vậy là rất lớn giúp đỡ. Có ích cũng là thông tin về các hoàn cảnh chung, giống như gameplay (single, server, dedi, client …), phiên bản của HAL (addon / script), game branch (stable / dev), nếu máy tính đủ tốt cho Arma 3 …





Tôi hài lòng và hài lòng tạo các kịch bản miễn phí. Bằng cách này nó được, theo cách này nó vẫn còn. Tuy nhiên thực tế là, tôi đã dành hàng trăm giờ làm việc cho kịch bản cho Arma 2 và Arma 3 cho đến nay và con số này đang tăng lên liên tục trong năm thứ ba. Vì vậy, nếu bạn muốn đánh giá cao về mặt tài chính những nỗ lực của tôi, hoặc chỉ đơn giản là không có ý tưởng, phải làm gì với tiền – đây là nơi. Tôi không mong đợi bất cứ điều gì, nhưng bất kỳ, thậm chí biểu tượng hiến sẽ rất hữu ích và đánh giá cao. Cũng sẽ là một dấu hiệu cho tôi, vì vậy công việc của tôi được đánh giá cao và cần thiết. Vì vậy, nếu bạn muốn …

Đóng góp


Addon được tạo ra “bởi người chơi cho người chơi”, mã nguồn bạn có thể tự do sửa đổi, sao chép, “cannibalize”, để sử dụng trong các dự án của bạn. Nó được phát hành theo giấy phépAPL-SA . Tôi sẽ biết ơn thông báo về từng cách sử dụng như vậy.