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Rain pattern camo pack

Rain pattern camo pack v1.0

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I put together a little re-texture to add a bit of a Warsaw Pact/80’s feeling to the green side on request for some friends and thought I would share.

I plan to add some more variations to the pack once I’ve completed another project I’m busy with… so if you have a suggestion feel free to post it.

Added some new textures (TTsKO) and new Officer units. Note that currently all units are capable as medics, I may make a medic unit eventually.

Included files:

Units can be found under independent side => Faction: ROMEO MIKE


Uniform Arid Rain: U_ov_rmuniform_rain
Uniform Arid Rain Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_rain_ss
Uniform Arid Rain Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_rain_of

Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin: U_ov_rmuniform_frog
Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_frog_ss
Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_frog_of

Uniform TTsKO: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko
Uniform TTsKO Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko_ss
Uniform TTsKO Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_ttsko_of

Uniform TTsKO Green: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn
Uniform TTsKO Green Short Sleeve: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn_ss
Uniform TTsKO Green Officer: U_ov_rmuniform_ttskogrn_of

Uniform Arid Rain Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_Rain
Uniform Bulgarian Frogskin Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_Frog
Uniform TTsKO Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_TTSKO
Uniform TTsKO Green Boonie: H_ov_rmboonie_TTSKOGRN


Arid pattern unit: RMIKE_Soldier_F
Arid pattern unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_F
Arid pattern unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_F

Bulgarian Frogskin unit: RMIKE_Soldier_Frog_F
Bulgarian Frogskin unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_Frog_F
Bulgarian Frogskin unit: RMIKE_Officer_Frog_F

TTsKO Unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_TTSKO_F
TTsKO Unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_TTSKO_F

TTsKO Green Unit: RMIKE_Soldier_TTSKOGRN_F
TTsKO Green Unit Short Sleeve: RMIKE_Soldier_SS_TTSKOGRN_F
TTsKO Green Unit Officer: RMIKE_Officer_TTSKOGRN_F

Thanks to Romeo Mike for suggestions and Armaholic (Foxhound) for the host

download at armaholic

Change log:
– Added Officer Unit
– Added TTsKO camo type x2
– Added medic ability
– Texture Cleanup
– Many class name changes. Beware!
– Initial Release

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